Earn Metrobank rewards when you use your credit card to buy fuel

The Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, more popularly known as Metrobank, is one of the leading banks in the Philippines. Metrobank offers a diverse set of products and services to cater its clients. Some of their offerings include credit cards where clients can get Metrobank rewards and enjoy the perks in redeeming their points.

Metrobank credit card rewards for drivers

To earn Metrobank rewards provides several credit cards that offer gas deals through promos and points redeemed. These cards are the Metrobank Platinum MasterCard, Metrobank World MasterCard, Metrobank Robinsons-Cebu Pacific MasterCard, and the Metrobank Toyota MasterCard.

Of these four cards, the Metrobank Toyota MasterCard is the first complete motorist card in the Philippines. It offers the ultimate convenience to motorists by providing dealership deals and exclusive discounts for every road travel needs of clients. The Toyota MasterCard is the one card designed to bring in more value to generate more Metrobank credit card rewards.

To apply for a principal card and seize the offered Metrobank rewards, the bank’s website readies a downloadable form for a more convenient application process. However, it is smart to assess a person’s readiness to get a credit card first before filing an application to increase the likelihood of being approved.    


Getting the best deals using Metrobank rewards

With the Metrobank Toyota MasterCard, drivers can get some of the best gas deals and some more privileges like:

  1. Exclusive discounts: Card holders can avail Metrobank credit card rewards every time they purchase a vehicle from a Toyota dealer. Discounts are also available for accessories, parts, and labor.

  1. Fuel rebates: Toyota MasterCard holders can enjoy three percent (3%) fuel rebates every time they gas up at Petron. Aside from the rebates, participating stations around the country also offer discounts for clients to get big savings.

  1. Roadside assistance: Card holders can get roadside assistance whenever they need it by simply presenting their Metrobank Toyota MasterCard. The Petron Value Card is also needed to avail this service.

  1. Earn points: Clients continually earn Metrobank rewards when they use their Toyota MasterCard for every purchase. A cardholder earns one (1) point for every ₱20 spent. Double points are given for every purchase or transaction made with Toyota dealers. Points can also be earned when clients swipe their Toyota MasterCard for every transaction while shopping or dining.

  1. M Here offers: The Toyota MasterCard is eligible for Metrobank credit card rewards. With “M Here Offers,” cardholders can get great deals, receive discounts, or free gifts at partner establishments. The Toyota MasterCard can be used for shopping, dining, and wellness.  

  1. Gadgets and other appliances: Cardholders who earn a lot of points using their Metrobank credit cards can use their points to redeem gadgets like smartphones or laptops or appliances like electronic shavers, washing machines, fans, oven toasters, and more from Metrobank’s merchant’s store.

All these Metrobank rewards are also offered on Supplementary Cards. However, fuel rebates are credited to principal card holders only. There is also an annual fuel rebates cap of ₱15,000 for both principal and supplementary cards, if any. The rebates can only be for private and not for commercial consumption.

By earning more points, card holders will get more value for their fuel and driving experience by using and redeeming their Metrobank rewards card.

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