Maybank rewards cards for travel

Ever since its founding in 1960, Maybank is now Bursa Malaysia’s largest market capitalization company. In Southeast Asia, Maybank is one of the top five banks with an international network in more than 20 countries including the Philippines. One of the bank’s popular offers is Maybank rewards cards. These are credit cards that allow you to enjoy various perks and privileges on shopping, dining, paying for utilities, and even travel. Each type is tailored fit to meet customer needs and goals.

Experience Asia’s best with Maybank rewards cards

By using rewards cards from Maybank, you can enjoy different rewards and avail some of Maybank promotion for travel to get the best of your vacation.

With Maybank, you can earn TreatsPoints that you can use to redeem items or cash credit for your travel needs. You can also use your rewards card to avail discounts on hotel bookings or pay for less on popular travel destinations. Primarily, Maybank has seven (7) credit cards available: the Maybank Standard MasterCard, Maybank Gold MasterCard, Maybank Platinum MasterCard, Maybank Visa Classic, Maybank Visa Gold, Maybank Visa Platinum, and Maybank – Manchester United Credit Card.

Of all the cards available, the best Maybank rewards cards that offer travel perks and privileges are the Maybank Platinum MasterCard and Maybank Visa Platinum.

Each of these two rewards card come with various Maybank credit card rewards for travel. By comparison, the two cards are almost similar but for the different issuing body, MasterCard and Visa. On the other hand, all of the rewards card offered by Maybank can be used worldwide to earn TreatsPoints.  But only Platinum rewards card allows you to earn air miles from Krisflyer or Asia Mile and provides more travel-related rewards using your credit card.

Maybank credit card rewards for travel

Travellers will enjoy their vacation very much with a rewards card from Maybank. This is because the bank issues plenty of rewards that travelers can use in Asia and even in other countries worldwide. Some of these known perks are:

  • Airmiles: Platinum Maybank card holders can earn air miles whenever they purchase using their credit cards. One (1) air mile is equivalent to ₱50 worth of spend which you can use to redeem free flights from Krisflyer or Asia Mile.

  • Cashback: Card holders of the Platinum Visa and MasterCard are the only ones who can avail the one percent cashback on their purchases overseas. This is one of Maybank credit card rewards that allows client to pay for less when they shop as they travel abroad.

  • TreatsPoints: For every ₱25 spend, you earn one (1) TreatsPoints when you use your Maybank rewards card. TreatsPoints are earned for every transaction except for gambling transactions or cash advances.You can use your TreatsPoints to redeem items for an equivalent or convert it as cash whenever you need it.

  • Worldwide acceptance: Another benefit of the Maybank rewards cards is that you can use these anywhere in the world in more than 20 million locations worldwide. Not only will you be able to use your Maybank credit card on local purchases, you can also earn more points with international transactions.

The Maybank Platinum cards are definitely the best travel companion. With Maybank rewards cards, you can enjoy the best of both local and international travels. Maybank cards are also secured with EMV-compliant chip, which provides you with instantaneous SMS notification wherever you are in the world for every successful transaction. This way, you can track your spending and lower the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Maybank promos for travelers

Another part of the Maybank rewards cards is their promo offerings for card holders. For frequent travelers, Maybank offers discounts for hotel bookings like those in Expedia Rate and Agoda. Card holders also have a chance to enjoy privileges and discounts on premium attractions and theme parks in Singapore and Malaysia like Sentosa and Sunway Lagoon.

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