Earn Citibank rewards every time you use your card to dine

As a global bank, Citibank provides a comprehensive card programme for its clients across different markets. They cater to their clienteles by having more than 22 million outlets across the world where Citibank cards are accepted. This allows cardholders to earn points wherever they are and get Citibank rewards using their credit cards or rewards cards during every transaction.

The cards are also categorized according to the main benefits they offer to card holders:

  • Rebate Cards: Citi Cash Back Card, Shell Citi Card, and Mercury Drug Citi Card

  • Travel Cards: Citi Prestige Card and Citi PremierMiles Card

  • Rewards Cards: Citi Platinum Visaand Citi Rewards Card


Earn Citibank rewards by using your credit card on dining

Earning points to get Citibank rewards is very easy with the Citibank rewards card or Citibank Platinum Visa credit card.

Card holders can earn rewards points with no expiration for every purchase made. One (1) rewards point is equivalent to ₱30. The more the spending, the higher the rewards points will be.

Accumulated rewards points can be used to pay at participating Citibank merchant stores nationwide. There are over 1,000 cinemas, shops, and restaurants where card holders can use their points to pay for purchases.


Dining treats with Citibank rewards

Frequent shoppers and diners will appreciate the various Citibank rewards afforded to Citi card holders. For instance, free wine is given to clients when they use their Citibank credit card rewards abroad to dine in restaurants.

Citi card holders can also enjoy the following rewards:

  1. Faster points earning: Card holders can enjoy three times (3x) more rewards points when they use their rewards card or Platinum Visa card to dine, shop, or book tickets at Cebu Pacific.


  1. No-expiry rewards points: accumulated rewards point on Citi cards have no expiry. Thus, clients can enjoy earning points as much as they can for every purchase.


  1. Pay with points: Clients of Citibank credit cards can pay using their accumulated points for expenditures on merchant partners of over 1,000 restaurants, shops, and cinemas nationwide. A peso (₱1) is equivalent to 10 Citi rewards points.


  1. Free annual membership fee: Card holders may choose to use their points to free themselves from paying the annual membership fee. This also includes other supplementary card holders.


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