Earn China Bank rewards by using your credit card when travelling

Since 1920, the China Bank motto has been to make their clients’ success their business. The bank’s mission to become a catalyst of wealth for its clients is evident with the bank’s strong and diverse financial products passed on for more than nine decades. One of the proofs of their commitment to client satisfaction is their various offering of China Bank rewards cards.

Travel made better with China Bank rewards cards

Using China Bank rewards cards, you don’t have to pay for much to enjoy a weekend getaway or fly off to a relaxing vacation destination.

China Bank is one of the banks in the Philippines that make travelling around the world affordable and cheap. They believe that travel is important as part of doing business overseas and to other parts of the country. But even without the purpose of business, China Bank’s offering of credit card benefits include travel perks. You have three major options with their rewards cards: the Prime MasterCard, Platinum MasterCard, and World MasterCard.

This allows clients to be short on cash but rich in travel miles that they can use to earn free flights and land other promos like discounted deals on bookings and accommodations.

To make this possible, China Bank tied up with several travel partners like Philippine Airlines, Central Square, and Hotels.com to name a few. With these partnerships, you can enjoy great deals and discounts on hotel bookings and accommodations. You can also get a chance to redeem PAL Mabuhay Miles using any of China Bank rewards cards.

Your travel is made even better with China Bank offering other credit card rewards like gift certificates you can use for dining and shopping, deals, and other discounts.

Travel credit card rewards

China Bank offers three major credit card rewards for its card holders: cash credit, SM Advantage points, and PAL Mabuhay Miles.

For travelers, 8,000 points is required to earn 1,000 PAL Mabuhay Miles. One (1) rewards point is equivalent to ₱25 worth of spend on merchant stores or ₱200 worth of spend on gas stations. The redemption of the Mabuhay Miles is also only applicable to the principal card holder. As well, you should be enrolled in the frequent flyer program of the Mabuhay Miles to use your points. Make sure that your China bank credit card and Mabuhay Miles account has the same account name to avail the miles points. You can no longer cancel miles redemption or revoke them once China Bank accepts your application for redemption.

With China Bank, you can enjoy another credit card reward in the form of promos. With several options to choose from, you can maximize your travel experience the way you want it best.

You can shop for a minimum spend on participating merchant stores using any of China Bank rewards cards and you can get a chance to win a free ticket to travel to Singapore, get resort stays in Boracay or Palawan, or enjoy luxury suites in hotels. You can also save eight percent at hotel bookings and accommodations at Hotels.com or experience Bali during the festival for less.

Experience ultimate travel experience with the World MasterCard

Among the rewards cards offered by China Bank, the World MasterCard is the only card that offers the ultimate travel reward: the Privileged Access Program that lets you travel the world to a whole new level. With this program, you can enjoy the best of travel rewards and promos that China Bank rewards cards has to offer on countries like Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Macau, and New Zealand.

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