BPI rewards for frequent travelers

The Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI), one of Philippines’ top banks, enable their credit card holders to fulfill their wanderlust through what is popularly known now as “travel hacking.” Its concept is simple: getting free flights by using BPI rewards or miles points. BPI credit card holders can enjoy free miles by taking advantage of BPI rewards that automatically convert to air miles. Through BPI credit card rewards, credit card holders are able to collect miles whenever they spend using their cards anytime and anywhere—allowing them to fly to new places for free.

Earn airmiles with these BPI credit cards

BPI offers several types of credit cards to match the preferred lifestyle of their clients. Each card is designed to come with unique BPI rewards and deals to benefit the credit card holder appropriately. For aspiring and regular international jet-setters, BPI rewards that are automatically converted to air miles are offered in two types of credit cards: BPI SkyMiles MasterCard and BPI SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard.

Essentially, these two credit cards are a product of BPI’s partnership with Delta Air Lines. Through the earned miles, credit card holders can travel through Delta Air Lines including its SkyMiles Airline partners to more than six continents, 160 countries, and 900 cities.

The list below is the BPI credit card rewards and other distinct offers of each of these two SkyMiles credit cards:

1. BPI SkyMiles MasterCard: This is labeled as “The Pure Mileage Card.” Its annual income requirement requires  at least ₱180,000. Meanwhile, there is an annual fee of ₱2,050 for this BPI rewards program. A credit card holder earns one (1) SkyMiles mile per ₱45. Plus, its travel insurance reaches up to ₱10 million.

2. BPI SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard: This is labeled as “The Superior Mileage Card.” Its annual income requirement should be at least ₱1,000,000 and it comes with an annual fee amounting to ₱5,000. The credit card holder earns one (1) SkyMiles mile per ₱45 for this BPI rewards program. It’s worth noting that its  travel insurance coverage reaches up to ₱20 million. Additionally, credit card holders get double miles per ₱45 paid for Delta Air Lines tickets. It also offers free access to the comfortable place of Pacific Club located in NAIA Terminal 3.

The BPI credit card rewards that are offered in SkyMiles program were specifically designed to benefit the travelers and would-be travelers. This is why SkyMiles program practically combines the best features of the BPI rewards that come from SkyMiles and WorldPerks.


More BPI credit card rewards

To intensify the benefits of BPI credit card rewards and to fully delight clients, BPI also delivers BPI promos. There is a BPI promo intended to delight travelers. For instance, Platinum card holders may get a chance to get discounted flights to US and Japan destinations. Credit card holders may also seize an exclusive tie-ups with travel-related merchants and hotels from Special Installment Plan (SIP) and Real Thrills.

BPI credit card rewards offered in SkyMiles have been offered to provide the needs of the clients who are looking for esteemed and experiential travel opportunities.

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