BPI offers rewards when you shop


The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) offers its credit card holders some of the best shopping deals for a more enjoyable shopping time spent together with friends or family. By using their credit cards, card holders will be able to enjoy the benefits of BPI rewards. These rewards can be redeemed as points, which cardholders can use to shop from their favourite places.

Credit card holders can enjoy added shopping credits using their BPI rewards without spending another dime; thus, providing them with a better shopping experience—for free!


Earn BPI credit card rewards from shopping


BPI has a lineup of credit cards that suit a shopper's lifestyle, whether you want the latest fashion trends or the newest gadgets in town. The lineup offers higher conversion from every swipe to become BPI credit card rewards.

·       BPI Express Credit Classic

·       BPI e-Credit MasterCard


·       BPI Express Credit MasterCard: Blue, Edge, and Gold


·       BPI Express Credit Corporate MasterCard


·       BPI Express Credit Corporate Classic


These credit cards offer points that can be converted to shopping credits. The following are the BPI rewards that a cardholder can get using any of the aforementioned cards:

1. Shopping Credits: These can vary from ₱100, ₱500, or ₱1,000 shopping credits. BPI credit card holders can convert 10 Real Thrills Rewards points equivalent to one (1) peso. Shopping credits for ₱100, ₱500, and ₱1,000 has a code of R001, R002, and R003 respectively.

2. Robinson Rewards: This is another BPI shopping credit card which card holders can use to convert their Real Thrill Rewards to Robinsons Rewards Card (RRC) points. Card owners can use their RRC points to pay for purchases in participating stores and other partner merchant establishments of Robinsons like Daiso Japan, HandyMan, Robinsons Builders, River Island, Shiseido, Burton Menswear, and many others.

3. Gift certificates: Credit card holders can also enjoy gift certificates as part of the BPI credit card rewards. Each gift certificate worth ₱1,000 from Sportshouse, The Travel Club, The North Face, Columbia Sportswear, Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Toby’s Sports, Toys “R” Us, Rustans, and SM are all worth 12,500 points.

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