BDO rewards for grocery items

Banco de Oro (BDO) has been named as the Philippines’ Best Bank by FinanceAsia for four consecutive years and offers diverse options for card holders to earn rewards using their BDO Rewards Program. This allows cardholders to earn points and make every transaction count. BDO rewards points are easily earned when doing bank transactions, paying bills, gassing up, remitting money, and even grocery shopping.

What to know about BDO rewards

Further, BDO offers three (3) membership levels for their rewards program: Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond. Each level comes with exclusive perks and privileges—the higher the level, the better the benefits and incentives. The list below details the requirements in each of BDO rewards level:

  • Emerald: A client must have a minimum of ₱50,000 for a Peso, Dollar, or Checking account or a Gold or Classic BDO credit card. Emerald card holders should earn a maximum of 2,499 points within the card’s validity period.

  • Sapphire: A client must have ₱250,000 month-to-date average daily balance (MTB ADB) in Peso, Dollar, or Checking account or at least ₱100, 000 available in those accounts. Gold, Platinum, and Titanium BDO credit card holders are also eligible for a Sapphire rewards card with a minimum and maximum point earnings of 2,500 to 9,999.

  • Diamond: A client must have at least ₱5 Million worth of MTB ADB or at least ₱500,000 in any of those accounts. Holders of Platinum and Titanium BDO credit cards are also eligible for a Diamond rewards card with 10,000 points earning and more.

Each of the rewards card can be used to get rewards point for every transaction made using the card.  These include purchases from SM and Rewards partners like Ace Hardware, Bench, Watsons, Toy Kingdom, and more. Each point earned is equivalent to ₱1.


Grocery treats using BDO rewards

The rewards cards from BDO work just like an SM Advantage Card. But instead of using the latter, clients can use their credit cards or rewards card to earn points and avail BDO credit card rewards. Rewards card offers more points when grocery shopping. Higher points also provide more perks that card holders can enjoy.

Below are some of the rewards that card holders can enjoy:

1. Extra rewards points: BDO offers an additional two points for shoppers who buy their groceries using a Greenbag. This is applicable to all Savemore market, SM Hypermarket, and SM Supermarket nationwide. The bags must be filled by at least 3/4 full to get the full point credits.

2. Pay with points: Clients of BDO credit cards can enjoy cashless grocery shopping and use their points to pay for their purchases. This is applicable to all SM stores and partners nationwide. The more purchases made, the more points earned.

3. Higher rewards points and rebates: BDO offers credit cards dedicated to those who always shop: the BDO ShopMore MasterCard.

Specifically, BDO ShopMore MasterCard is a card that provides client with better shopping value and more rewards. The card offers higher rewards points by 0.5 compared to regular points using the SM Advantage card. Clients who avail the BDO ShopMore MasterCard are also eligible to a five percent rebate for a minimum spend worth ₱5,000 at every three-day sale at SM. 

Additionally, the BDO credit card rewards also come with added perks using the BDO credit card promo. BDO promos vary according to the type of BDO credit card or rewards card used.

With the perks that BDO rewards offer, the bank’s credit card holders can enjoy unlimited grocery shopping and get the perks of turning rewards points into cash and getting rebates.

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