A points credit card is a type of credit card that rewards its users by giving points for every certain amount of purchase made using the card. This is the most common type of credit card, as a majority of credit cards being offered in the Philippines have different rewards systems for their customers. The points earned from using the points credit card on a variety of expenses can be accumulated and then used on various freebies and promos, and sometimes, you can even convert it to cashback or air miles rewards.


How doesa points credit card work?

A cardholder can earn points by using his credit card on a variety of purchases. For example, if a certain points credit card offers 1 point for every ₱50 pesos spent, a person who holds that card and then spends ₱20,000 during a certain billing period will stand to gain 400 points. Depending on the bank and even the cardholder’s credit card, the points a cardholder gained can be converted into a number of free items or services being offered. The owner of the points credit card can also opt to convert those points into cash for payment of credit card dues or into miles for people who desire to travel instead.

*Cashback rewards for each quote card shown below is calculated based on a specific spending pattern. You must spend at least ₱3,000 in each of general, groceries, dining, shopping, online shopping, fuel and utilities — the basic needs of Filipinos.

Security Bank Points Credit Card with 0% Balance Transfer

Security Bank’s points credit cards are the Platinum, Rewards Classic, Rewards Gold, and World MasterCards, each offering 1 point for every ₱20 spent. Let's talk about the Security Bank Rewards Classic, which is a great card for first-time applicants as it only requires a minimum of ₱15,000 monthly income and a waived annual fee on the first year.

The conversion of peso to points for this card is 1 point for evey P20 on all spending categories, except on your utility bills. If you use your card in paying for your Meralco or PLDT bills, there will be no applicable points. A special feature of this points credit card is that you can avail up to 50% of your credit limit through cash advance, and it offers 0% for balance transfer.

Citibank Points Credit Card with 3x More Rewards

[tag] Citibank's points credit cards are the Citibank Platinum and Citibank Rewards Platinum. The Citibank Rewards Platinum is a Visa card with wireless payment feature, which allows you to pay by waving your card over the terminal. It is a great card for businessmen or executives who live a fast lifestyle because the card offers up to 3x more rewards points for all shopping, dining, and Cebu Pacific purchases.

Added features of this points credit card include a cash advance ability of up to 30% your credit limit and balance transfer of as low as 1.67% per month. Along with the greater benefits, this points credit card requires an annual fee of ₱2,500,  a minimum annual income of ₱1 million, and an existing Citibank credit card for at least 6 months.

BPI Points Credit Card for First-time Applicants

Three out of 10 cards from BPI are points credit cards - the BPI Classic Blue, the BPI Edge and the BPI Gold. If you are a first-time applicant, the BPI Classic Blue MasterCard is a great choice as it requires a smaller minimum annual income than its peers at ₱360,000 or ₱30,000 per month.

If you are a wunderlust, it's a great card with a low forex conversion rate of 1.75%. You also avail of a free travel insurance package of up to ₱2,000,000, if you charge your travel fare to the card. An extra feature of this points credit card.

EastWest Points Credit Card for Quick Bills Payments

EastWest offers an array of features for its points credit cards. One of them includes the Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard with a 3.50% interest rate per month, a P2,000 annual fee and a minimum monthly income of P25,000. This points credit card offers up to 50% of your credit limit for cash advance transactions and as low as 1.37% per month on balance transfers.

The best things about the EastWest Vita Dolce is that it has a 3D technology, which allow you to shop online with security; and that you can pay for your electricity, phone bills, and insurance premiums. No more rushing to the bank on due dates!

Other Existing Points Credit Cards

The same rate goes for credit cards from HSBC (Gold and Platinum Visa) MetroBank  (Classic, Femme, Femme Signature, Gold, Platinum, Toyota, World), as well as various UnionBank points credit card variants (Burgoo, Cebu Parklane International, Home Depot, Phoenix Petroleum, Racks, Riviera Golf Club, and The North Face cards), although some of these cards, being co-branded with various establishments, may have certain terms, conditions, or limitations that limit the giving of points.  Also notable on this front is HSBC’s Red Visa points credit card, which gives 1 point for every ₱10 spent.

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