The Miles Credit Card, also called Air Miles, is a type of credit card that rewards users with air miles for every expenditure they make. The cardholder earns one mile for every certain amount of money he spent using his credit card. These earned miles can then be compiled and used for air travel anywhere in the world, depending on the airline of course, based on the number of miles accumulated by the cardholder. Truly, the air miles credit card is a card specifically created for the frequent flyer and travel enthusiast.


How does an air miles credit card work?

For a lot of air miles credit card offerings, the reward is accumulated depending on how much a person spends using the credit card. For instance, if a credit card’s terms and conditions state that “every ₱50 pesos spent entitles a user to one air mile,” then the cardholder who spends ₱50,000 this month gets to gain 500 free miles of air travel from his air miles credit card. That’s good for a flight from Manila to Cebu, with 150 air miles to spare.

Bear in mind that the air miles granted on a number of air miles credit card are linked to certain airlines with which a credit card provider has a tie-up. Other cards only grant air miles for purchases made on certain airlines. So if you have a preferred airline, better check these details before getting your card.

What credit cards offer air miles as a reward?

Let’s take a look at samples of air miles credit cards and find out what else they can offer:

*Air miles rewards for each quote card shown below is calculated based on a minimum monthly spending of ₱20,000 on travel expenses.

Citibank Miles
Credit Card with ₱5M in Travel Insurance

The Citibank Premier Miles Signature Visa air miles credit card offers 1 air mile for every ₱30 spent, in addition to 24/7 Visa signature concierge service and free flights or hotel stays from 60 airlines and 8000 hotel choices. Cardholders can also get travel insurance coverage worth ₱5 million. Rewards points for this card don’t expire.

This air miles credit card from Citibank is available to people who earn at least ₱30,000 per month. Card applicants must also have had an existing card with Citibank for a minimum of six months or with other banks for at least one year.

PNB Miles Credit Card with Free 2,000 Miles

The Mabuhay Miles Platinum from PNB offers 1 air mile with Philippine Airlines for every ₱33 spent using the card. New applicants of the card will get 2,000 Mabuhay Miles for free as a welcome gift.

In addition, this air miles credit card grants a cardholder (specifically an approved and activated new and first time principal card owner) free 10,000 Mabuhay air miles when he spends at least ₱100,000 accumulated spending/transactions at Philippine Airlines within one year from the date their cards were first issued are qualified.

BPI Miles Credit Card with ₱10M in Travel Insurance

The BPI SkyMiles card grants 1 SkyMiles mile for each ₱45 spent using the card, as well as travel insurance worth ₱10 million. A cardholder has to have a landline number, a SkyMiles membership, and at least ₱30,000 of monthly salary. This air miles credit card has an annual fee worth ₱2,050, which is waived for the first year.

Other Miles Credit Card Offerings

The BDO Cathay Pacific and Cathay Pacific Elite American Express are two of BDO Unibank’s air miles credit card offerings. Using the Cathay Pacific card on Cathay Pacific flight bookings will earn a cardholder 1 Asia mile for every ₱42 spent, as well as 1,500 bonus Asia Miles with a cardholder’s first purchase. The Cathay Pacific Elite American Express air miles credit card offers 2 Asia Miles for every ₱50 spent overseas or ₱38 spent on Cathay Pacific flight bookings, as well as 3,000 bonus Asia Miles with a user’s first purchase.

The Platinum version of the BPI SkyMiles air miles credit card offers 2 SkyMiles miles for each ₱45 spent on Delta Air Lines tickets. PNB’s Mabuhay Miles Worldwide offers the same air miles rewards as its Platinum counterpart, in addition to priority check-in at Philippine Airlines business class counters in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

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