The Cashback Credit Card grants rebates to a customer who uses the card for his expenses. This type of reward works like a rebate, which is subtracted from your balance every billing period. Banks like Security Bank automatically subtracts your accumulated cashback every billing period, while other banks like Citibank requires you to call their hotline first to request the rebates.


How does a cashback credit card work?

Bear in mind that banks calculate cashback credit card rebates based on conversion rates that they set for each spending category. Spending category means the basics of Filipinos, which include shopping, dining, online shopping, grocery or supermarket, fuel, utilities, entertainment, travel and general needs. It is important that you know an estimate of how much you spend monthly, in one or more of these categories that are important to you.

Let’s say you use your credit card during one billing period to buy a pair of shoes worth ₱5,000, groceries worth ₱5,000, and a hotel booking worth ₱10,000. You end up spending ₱20,000 in total. If your cashback credit card has a rebate rate of 3% on each of the spending categories, you end up getting back ₱600. Other cards automatically deduct the rebate from your outstanding balance on your credit card.

What credit cards offer cashback as a reward?

Let’s take a look at samples of credit cards which offer cashback and find out what else they can offer:

*Cashback rewards for each quote card shown below is calculated based on a minimum monthly spending of ₱3,000 on each of general, groceries, fuel, online shopping and utilities; and ₱5,000 on each of shopping and travel — showing a rough sample of how some Filipinos use their credit cards.

RCBC Cashback Credit Card

Several cards from RCBC are cashback credit cards, but for first-time applicants, the RCBC Classic MasterCard is an easy way to gain cashback benefits, as it requires a smaller minimum income than its peers at ₱300,000 per year or ₱25,000 per month.

This credit card from RCBC has both points and cashback rewards, and the points can also be used on additional cashback opportunities. Applicants for this cashback credit card can also have their ₱1,500 annual fee waived for the first year. In addition, cardholders can enjoy access to Miascor & Skyview Airport lounges.

Citibank Cashback Credit Card

Citibank Visa CashBack credit card offers rebates of 6% for non-supermarket or non-Meralco spend of ₱10,000 and above per month, and 0.2% for spending below ₱10,000.

In addition, this cashback credit card from Citibank is available to people who earn at least ₱25,000 per month. Card applicants must also have an existing card with Citibank for a minimum of six months or with other banks for at least one year.

EastWest Bank Cashback Credit Card

The Everday Titanium cashback credit card from EastWest Bank offers maximum rebate of ₱1,000 per month. Rebate rate is at 5% for non-essential spend of ₱10,000 and above per month, 3% for expenses between ₱5,000 and ₱10,000, and 0.5% for expenses below ₱5,000.

Interested applicants must earn at least ₱40,000 per month and have an active credit card. The card’s annual fee is at ₱2,800 per year, which is waived on the first year.

Security Bank Cashback Credit Card

The Security Bank Complete Cashback credit card from MasterCard offers cashback of up to ₱1,000 per month. Rebate rates are at 1% on shopping expenses, 2% on dining, 3% on utilities, 4% on fuel, and 5% at supermarkets.

Other existing cashback credit cards

Other cashback credit cards include BDO’s American Express Card and ShopMore MasterCard; BPI’s Ayala Malls Amore and Amore Platinum MasterCard (cashback only applicable in Ayala Malls) and Petron Master Card; Citibank’s Citi Gold Visa cards co-branded with Mercury Drug and Shell; Maybank’s Platinum MasterCard and Visa cards; RCBC’s Fully Booked MasterCard and Sta. Lucia Mall MasterCard; and UnionBank’s Phoenix Petroleum Visa, Platinum MasterCard, and Shop & Talk Visa. Just a reminder: some of these cards’ cashback benefits have various conditions. For instance, the BPI Amore credit cards’ cashback rewards are only applicable in Ayala Malls.

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