Getting your first job is a whole new experience and responsibility. You learn to manage your expenses, you’re probably planning on getting your own place or your own car. 

Having a credit card offers a good opportunity for people to start establishing a solid credit history. Having a good credit history helps you eventually obtain loans for a home purchase, a vehicle or perhaps a business you’ve dreamed of starting. 

Below are the top credit cards specially made for people who just started building a credit history. These cards feature are the benefits, summed up eligibility requirements and features. 

HSBC Red Master Card

The HSBC Red MasterCard lets you enjoy top-up rewards, bigger rebates and easy-to-access payment options. Whenever you spend a minimum of P1,500 on HSBC’s partner companies, you get to earn Accelerated Rewards on shopping, dining, and travel. 

Experience exclusive privileges when you make local and international transactions as well as an added security with its Mobile Payments feature. 


- 0% Installment Plan 
- No expiration for rewards points
- 4x Bonus Points on shopping 
- 30% of credit limit for cash advance with 3.75% interest 
- Mobile Payments
- Auto Charge for multiple utility bills


- Minimum income: P16,000 monthly 
- Must have at least 21 years old

Citi Rewards Card

If you’re the type of person who wants to maximize their credit card, you can take advantage of Citi Rewards Card’s no-expiry rewards program by earning as many points as you want. You can use your points and exchange them for shopping and dining vouchers and rebates or waive your annual membership fee with the accumulated points. 

What’s good is that you can track and manage the peso payments applied for overseas attractions through their Mobile Banking.  


- For every P30 you get 1 point. 
- No expiration for reward points 
- Peso Payment Overseas 
- Citi® One Bill. Auto charge for multiple utility Bills
- 3x Rewards points for shopping, dining, or booking for Cebu Pacific tickets 
- Rewards Points conversion for AMF waivers including supplementary card holders 
- Mobile Banking


- Minimum income: P21,000 monthly 
- Must be at least 21 years old

Metrobank Classic MasterCard

People who are starting and applying for a credit card will love this well-rounded card. The Metrobank Classic MasterCard lets you accumulate rewards points and get exclusive perks from partner merchants. 

This credit card also includes convenient automatic payments for utility bills and redeeming points for air miles with Philippine Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific. 


- P20 – 1 Point 
- Chip card 
- “M Here” discounts
- Bills2Pay feature, auto-debit feature for paying utility bills 
- Cash2Go, cash advance feature paid in easy installment with low-interest rates 


- Annual Income: P180,000 annually
- Must be at least 21 years old

Bank of Commerce Classic MasterCard

If you want a credit card that provides a financial flexibility than the Bank of Commerce Classic MasterCard is for you. This credit card lets you enjoy dining and shopping rewards when you collect rewards points. You can even find great installment plans with low-interest rate. 

This card is also protected with a 3D Secure facility that serves as a strong security feature so you don’t have to worry whenever you shop online. Enjoy shopping overseas with your currency purchases automatically converted into pesos.


- P25 = 1 point 
- 5 reward points for every P25 spent on partner shopping and dining establishments 
- Waived annual fee on the first year 
- 3D Secure Technology 
- 3.25% effective monthly interest rate 


- Annual Income: P120,000 annually
- Must be at least 21 years old to 65 years old

EastWest Bank Practical MasterCard

With EastWest Bank Practical MasterCard, you can enjoy shopping with a secured transaction knowing that you are protected. With a 3D Security feature, you can shop online without a worry. 


- 3.25% Monthly Interest Rate
- 3D Secure Technology 
- Waived annual fee on the first year for new bank holders 
- Choose your annual membership fee whether annually, quarterly, or monthly
- 3.25% effective monthly interest rate
- e-SOA (Statement of Account
- Quick Bills Facility 
- Convert-to-installment


- Annual Income: P180,000 annually
- Must be at least 21 years old
- Must be at least working for one year 
- Must be profitably working for three years if self-employed 

Getting a credit card can not only help you establish a great credit history but also help you manage your expenses better now that you’re a working adult. 

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