Credit cards have been a convenience for most people – especially to frequent credit card users who are able to maximize the use of their credits with rewards programs. But what if you’re not a frequent user? Most of the time it’s kind of a waste if you’re paying for an annual fee and you don’t use your credit card often. That’s where credit cards with no annual fee come in.

Whether you’re a frequent user of a credit card or not, paying for annual fees can definitely be a downer. Rewards programs can’t even justify the annual fees that you pay, even more so when you’re a regular user. If you’re looking for a good no annual fee credit cards, read on the following information.

What are the Types of No Annual Fee Credit Cards?

No Annual Fee credit cards are one of those types of card with zero annual fees. These are generally acquired for the holder to benefit from the company’s credit card promotions. Usually, when you’re looking for a credit card online, you will be given two options.

No Fee for the Preliminary Period – There are cards that do not charge an annual fee for the first year, or it depends on the provider. This is the most Some credit cards in the Philippines are free for three years.

No Fee Forever – This means that you are waived from annual fees forever as long as you have the card.

When applying for a credit card, make sure that you read the terms and condition applied carefully and confirm to your credit card provider if there is no annual fee included.

What are the Rewards Program Offered with Credit Cards with No Annual Fee? 

If you’re looking for a credit card where you can earn air miles or more complex rewards, credit cards with no annual fee are not for you. Usually, if you want to earn air miles, these credit cards always need an annual fee. The rewards program offered with credit cards with no annual fee are usually cashback. Rewards such as cash back credit cards are much simpler compared to others.  

How to Choose the Right Credit Card with No Annual Fee for You? 

GoBear Philippine’s unbiased credit card comparison website, allows you to discover the credit cards with no annual fee that’s tailored to your needs. Simply enter your spending details on respective categories such as grocery, online shopping or entertainment to personalize your search.

You can also sort the listings for easy comparison of credit card promotions based on miles earnings, annual fee and annual income. Filter functions are also available to sort them by banks and card suppliers, so credit cards with no annual fee done.

Here are a few things you should do if you want to negotiate rewards cards annual fees if you already have a credit card with annual fees.

Use the card frequently, the more you used it the more the credit card provider would keep you. A steady credit card user that makes them money is important.

Talk over the phone first, this will save you time and effort of going your way to your bank and negotiate. You can ask first if you’re eligible to have your annual fees reduced.

A credit card with no annual fee is a dream come true, but before deciding to get the right credit card for you, make sure you have read carefully the terms and conditions that comes when you apply for one. A credit card may help you save more or can get you in debt so you have to be meticulous.

Get the best credit card with no annual fees so you can start enjoying the rewards programs. Compare credit cards with GoBear today!