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Uh oh, there’s a sale going on this weekend, but you just fear the high-interest rate that awaits you once you swipe that plastic card. Is there a way to avoid it? Well, actually there is. Whether it’s for a sale or your future purposes, there are tricks to avoid facing interest rates.

If you want to be one of the credit savvy and actually save more with your credit card, here are three smart ways you can follow so you could never pay credit card interest again!

Why You Should Avoid Paying Credit Card Interest

Imagine paying more than the actual price for something that you bought. That’s what happens when you pay for the credit card interest. When you pay interest on your credit card, you’re basically paying the credit issuer for the convenience of paying for the items you bought over time. If you can find out how to avoid paying for credit card interest, it will be a great convenience.

When you’re shopping with your credit card, it’s a good habit to practice using your credit card for purchases you can afford. This way, you can use your money on useful things such as saving instead of giving it to a credit card company for interest.

Utilize Your Credit Card’s Grace Period

Whether you’ve heard about it or not – grace period is a time frame in which you can pay your balance exclusive of any interest. Most credit cards have grace period. Interest charges will only increase if you carry a balance on your card from month to month.

What you should do is pay off your new balance in full by the time your bill is due. The trick here is to make purchases at the beginning of your grace period to make the most of the time you can pay for it without interest. It’s a good strategy if you’re going to make a large purchase. There is a chance to lose your grace period if you make late payments to be sure to pay on time.

Just try not to carry a large balance on your credit card as it carries disadvantages. Make sure you know what point you’d be charged interest on your purchases so you can avoid it.

Pay it Off As You Use Your Credit Card

It may be a tedious work, but some actually do this method. What people do is after they make charges from a credit card, they transfer their money from their bank account to cover the cost of the purchase. If you’re not the type to wait until the end of the month, this method can be for you as it ensures that you will not pay any credit card interest.

You can develop a routine to log in to your online account and make the transfer. Just make a time for it each day, may it be before you go to work or after dinner.

Pay it Off in Full Each Month 

The classic guaranteed way to never pay your credit card interest is by paying your balance in full each month since it can be too much work paying it off during grace periods.

When you receive your credit statement you will see your new balance. This is the amount you owed to the credit card company as of your billing cycle and date. This includes any fees charged. If you pay off this amount in full each month, you’ll avoid paying credit card interest.

Learning to use your credit card without ever paying for interests can be a huge financial turn for you. You can save your hard-earned money in the long run by mastering these tricks. You don’t even have to do everything on the list. Just choose the method that best works for you.

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