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Who doesn’t want discounted flights or even free flights? With a lot of Filipinos traveling these days, finding out how to get air miles fast is really important. You get to exchange air miles for flight tickets or booking discounts as well as other travel-related expenses like hotels, seat, upgrades, vacation packages and more.

Traveling is now made easy with travel credit cards like get go where you can accumulate points and use those points to book a flight. Learning how to get air miles fast can help you maximize your travel rewards. Read on the following ways how to rack up your air miles as soon as possible!

Fly with Partner Airlines

You should always fly with partner airlines. When you look for a frequent flyer program, consider their partners whether you can fly with the airline or not. For instance, people usually fly with Cebu Pacific especially for Filipinos where a budget is a concern or Philippine Airlines. It’s important to choose a program where you’d utilize airlines often so that you can make use of each trip to earn air miles.

Claim Missing Miles 

There might be times when you forget to bring your frequent flyer card; luckily, this isn’t a big deal as long as you remember to claim your air miles as soon as you can. Even if you’re unable to provide your frequent flyer number during your flight, you can do it after the fact and claim your missing miles. Check with your credit card provider or the airline partner to know the rules regarding this so you don’t waste your miles when you forget your frequent flyer card.

Use Dining Rewards

These kind of rewards are pretty easy way to rack up and earn bonus points. All you have to do is sign up for a dining reward and you’ll instantly receive rewards when you use your registered credit card at eligible restaurants.   

Use Your Credit Card Abroad 

Most travel credit cards reward more air miles to cardholders who use their credit cards for overseas spending. Depending on your credit card, you can earn as much as double the miles for every PHP40 spent overseas. Check with your provider to see how much more air miles you can earn for overseas spend. 

Never Miss Annual Fee Payments

Contrary to what many experienced credit card holders may say, paying annual fees is one of the easy ways you can earn more air miles. That’s just it. It’s no secret that you can always call your provider and ask for an annual fee waiver, but paying for it is like indirectly ‘buying’ air miles. What’s more, the earn rate is much higher when paying for credit card fees compared to regular credit card spend — sometimes even as high as 50x the regular earn rate!

Take Advantage of Bonus Promotions

One of the perks of having your own credit card is that there are promotions that provide bonuses for specific purchases at a certain period. This can help you rack up more air miles. Take note of these promotions and use them to your advantage. If you’re planning to make large purchases or go on a shopping spree, these are the best times to do it. Make sure that you’re always updated on the promotions your provider have.

Go Shopping Online

Online shopping has shaped how people buy things as it offers the convenience of shopping at the comfort of your home. Shopping online is a great way to get air miles. Some credit card providers let you earn air miles when you spend online and there are airlines with shopping portals which lets you earn bonus miles when you purchase online. You might want to check your provider’s website to find out the participating stores and partner establishments where you can earn air miles.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or not, there are still plenty of ways you can rack up those air miles. It’s all a matter of choosing the right credit card for you and taking advantage of promotions and partner establishments.

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