When you’re fresh out of college and you just landed on your first job, people are telling you to get your first credit card to start building your credit history. Without a credit history – it can be difficult to apply for a loan, a credit card or even get your own place. 

Since your credit score will be drawn from your credit history, you must build a solid credit history. How do you exactly build a good credit

There are several tools that can help you establish your credit. The earlier you start building your credit history, the better for you. So here are ways you can establish credit:

Get a postpaid line 

As a young professional, one of the easiest ways you can start is by getting a postpaid line. With a postpaid line, you can even get a new phone and accessories. Now, isn’t it a sweet deal?

Get a credit card from the bank 

There are plenty of credit cards in the Philippines that are designed for first timers. You can get a credit card from the bank where you already have a savings account or where you already have a payroll account if you’re a young professional. 

Get your electric bill or water bill registered name transferred to you 

Another way you can start building your credit is through your electric and water bill. If you’re paying your bills but the meters are in the name of the owner, then you’re only wasting all that good credit behavior. Make sure the credit behavior is attributed under your name.

Getting a credit card can not only help you establish a great credit history but also help you manage your expenses better now that you’re a working adult.

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