Easy Credit Card Application: Possible?

Shopping, booking for discounted flights, and paying off your monthly bills have become easier thanks to credit cards. These credit cards let you purchase and pay for your needs whether online or offline without having the cash on hand as long as you can pay for it within thirty days. But what if you don’t have one? Is there an easy credit card application available in the Philippines?

The answer is yes! Having an easy credit card application can help you through your expenditures, who wants a to go through a long process just to get a piece of plastic card when you can have instant approval credit cards right? If you’re looking for a credit card which you can get instantly read on to find out how.

InstaCard: Secured Credit Card Program

If you’re worried about having your credit checked, the InstaCard is for you. With the InstaCard, you can rest assure that you can get your own RCBC Bankard credit card easily. You can even enjoy the unique benefits the RCBC Bankard credit card has to offer:

Low revolving fee of only 2.5% per month
Low monthly membership fee of P60 for Regular Cards; P150 for Premium Cards

How to Apply?

Once you have decided the credit card for you, go to the nearest RCBC branch to open an account. You will be required to open a savings account which includes an initial deposit and maintaining balance.


Must be at least 21 years old
Minimum deposit of P10,000 or US$2,000 is required
Valid IDs
InstaCard Application Form
Savings Account Opening Forms
Deed of Assignment

These forms can be found at the branch you will be going to.

Fast Track Secured Credit Card

Feel secure with the peace of mind that you will be approved easily with the Fast Track Secured Credit Card issued by Security Bank. This program allows you to open a savings account and a credit card fast. You don’t have to worry about the fees as it’s free.

How to Apply?

Visit any Security Bank branch near you and open a Savings or Time deposit account. Don’t worry about any proof of income, just go and apply for a credit card.


Must be at least 2-65 years old
Must have a home or business landline number
Application Form
Holdout Agreement Form
Government Issued Photo-Bearing ID

Credit cards are helpful in many ways with a good management. If you can control your spending habits, go get a credit card that will suit your need. If you have an urgent matter that requires a credit card, you can get it with an easy credit card application.

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