Credit card benefits


A credit card is extremely useful when you want to manage your spending, especially if you know how to manage your usage. Since the option of paying with a credit card has become commonplace, having one is no more a question of convenience but of necessity. You can spend using your credit card as much as you want—as long as you can pay your bill at the end of the month. 


If you’re still having doubts as to why having a credit card is a good idea, these 5 benefits might convince you.

A credit card builds your credit score 

One of the reasons people get a credit card is to build their credit score. If you payyour credit card bills religiously, you’ll eventually build a good credit score. Having a good credit score unlocks the door to other financial services like personal loans. Your good credit standing will act as a guarantor that will help you secure a loan. With a good credit score, you can get a personal loan, house loan, or even a car loan.

You can shop securely

When you shop, it’s safer to pay with a credit card than with cash, a debit card, or a check because you are guaranteed to get your money back in case there are problems with your transaction. In fact, you needn't worry even if the credit card company goes bust. Your credit card provider can and will give your money back, especially if your card was used fraudulently.

You can borrow with no interest fee

Isn’t it nice when you can borrow money and not have to pay interest? There are some credit cards that offer 0% interest loans. Just make sure you pay the minimum monthly dues and clear your balance before the 0% interest rate offer ends or you’ll be charged with the normal interest rate.

You can earn perks while you spend

With a credit card, you get to enjoy the benefits and exclusive perks that come with it. From frequent flier miles to discounts and cashback, credit card companies offer incentive programs based on a number of purchases you make. By using your credit card, you could get points that can be exchanged for coupons and free flights. Now isn’t that a sweet deal?

You can transfer your other balances

Transferring your balance is one way to avoid being trapped in credit card debt. By taking out a new card, you get to cut that annoying interest rate to zero by transferring your debt onto a 0% balance transfer card. Just pay your debt before the end of the 0% period, after which, you'll be charged normal interest rates again, which kind of defeats the purpose of transferring your balance.

A credit card is beneficial in a lot of ways, as long as you manage your spending wisely. If not, credit cards can put you in debt. So make sure you think twice before getting a credit card. At best, it could increase your spending power; at worst, it could teach you some important lessons about budgeting and finance management.


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