Credit card rewards are everywhere, and air miles credit cards are one of the most popular credit cards people are applying for in the Philippines right now. Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional tourist, credit card promotions that allow you to earn points are a must-have. This will entitle you to travel perks and opportunities as you accumulate points from your purchases. The often you use your air mile credit cards, the better rewards you get. It’s just a matter of earning those miles by spending the required amount at selected merchants partnered with your provider.

With a lot of companies and airlines that can provide you with the best travel rewards, it can be a daunting task to look one by one. You must be familiar with a few things before you get an air miles credit card. GoBear is here to help you know the things you need to know before you get and swipe those plastics and head out to your next travel destination.

What are Air Miles Credit Cards? 

Air miles credit cards are one of those types of card that reward you with travel points. Usually referred to as travel credit cards or frequent flyer miles, these are generally acquired for the holder to benefit from the company’s credit card promotions. Typically, you are entitled to rewards after accumulating enough number of miles based on how frequently you used your card to book for a flight.

Most credit cards provide these points when you sign up or when you spend. It depends on which type of card you are using because companies have specifically designed the perks of cards based on the rewards to be earned.

How to Choose the Right Air Miles Card for You?

GoBear Philippine’s unbiased credit card miles comparison website, allows you to discover the best miles credit cards for your needs. Simply enter your spending details on respective categories such as grocery, online shopping or entertainment to personalize your search.

You can also sort the listings for easy comparison of credit card promotions based on miles earnings, annual fee and annual income.

Filter functions are also available to sort them by banks and card suppliers, so miles credit card comparisons are easily done in seconds!

Here are a few things you should do while comparing with GoBear:

  • There are free flights! – Yes, there are chances you can fly to your next destination without spending money. Air miles can be used to beef up your flyer incentives. These points can be redeemed for seat upgrades, travel insurance or free flights. Whether you are booking with Citi, UOB, Amex or other kinds of card in the Philippines, make sure that their rewards systems work just right for your travel needs.

  • Check Earning Rates – How often do you need to travel to earn your points? How much is the company requiring you to spend for one air mile reward? The Philippines is teeming with dozens of credit cards but not all of those will give you a maximum reward for a dollar spent.

  • Points can be converted to air miles! – Some credit cards are not meant to earn flight points but you should remember that the points you earned from dining or shopping can be converted to an air mile depending on the company’s flyer program and deals.

Make the Most out of Your Air Miles Credit Cards

Getting a credit card is just the first step. If you’re willing to spend some time and brain cells, you can make sure you’re getting the most of out of your credit card in an efficient manner. But there are tricks for you to maximize your air miles credit card, and most involves money.

An air miles credit card can help you save a lot with the travel perks and bonuses you get by being a member. You have to know the right credit card and research through which provider can give you the travel rewards you need with the cheapest rewards.

Shopping for the right air miles credit card can help you get the most of the travel perks. Compare credit cards with GoBear today!

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