People tend to use their credit card more and more to reap the best rewards because the more you use your credit card, the better rewards you can get. Who wouldn’t want the best rewards right? Of course, once you use your credit card, you are merely borrowing money that you will pay off for the next month. But usually what are the credit card payment methods available in the Philippines?

A lot of banks now allow people to make payments using a variety of methods. This help us squeeze time in our busy schedules to make time and pay for the credit cards that we use. And GoBear narrows down the list of payment options you can choose from below.

Common Credit Card Payment Methods

With online retails encouraging us to shop online, payments are becoming cashless as well. If you’re looking for payment options available in the Philippines for your credit card, you will find various payment option per bank.

To help you find the best gateway to fit your needs, here’s GoBear’s list of payment players in the Philippines.

Online Banking

Now you don’t have to worry about paying your bills and going to branches just to pay for your credit bills. The online banking allows you to settle your payments through the official online bank website of your chosen bank. This lets you pay your credit card bills anytime, anywhere as long as you have the internet with you.

Over-the-counter (OTC) 

If you’re the type to make time and go to bank branches, then OTC is for you. Some banks like BDO allow over the counter payment where you will go to any BDO branch near you get a payment slip and pay for it manually.

ATM Machine

When it’s pay day, you end up going to ATMs to withdraw the cash you need. Why not take the time and pay for your credit bills as well? There are ATMs that let you pay for your bills especially of the same bank. If you’re paying for your BPI credit card, pay for it at a BPI ATM machine.

Funds Transfer

Of course, if you have a credit card, you also have a bank account. Pay your bills at your fingertips with a fund transfer. You can transfer funds from your bank account to any Visa credit card.

It’s important to consider which credit card payment method works for you, this way you’ll ensure a secure and hassle-free credit payment anytime, anywhere. Keep in mind that there are different payment methods provided at your convenience depending on the bank that issues your credit card.

Find the best credit card with the lowest interest today with GoBear PH and enjoy comparing credit cards from different companies.