Credit cards


Soon enough, you’ll realize the importance of a credit card when the need for one arises. May it be booking a promo flight or an item on sale that you have to buy no matter what, there will be times that you wished you had a credit card. If you don’t have one yet, there are plenty of credit cards to choose from. The question is: How do you choose which credit card is the best for you?


Once you check and prepare the requirements for credit card application, the next thing to do before actually applying is narrowing down your choices to a few that are tailored to your budget and lifestyle. Here are things you need to consider before you can get the best card for you.

Your spending habits

Different types of credit cards are tailored to different spending habits. This way, users can adjust their spending to maximize their rewards and perks that come exclusive with their specific card.


Shopping credit card A shopping credit card will give you cashback and rewards points when you use it for shopping. Usually, the banks partner with shopping malls and online shopping stores for users to maximize their credit card.

Frequent flyer credit card This kind of card is meant for people who travel a lot. Frequent flyers get air miles and points that they can convert to free flights.

Fuel credit card Car owners can definitely save a lot when they have a credit card that gives them cash rebates when they spend on gasoline. Depending on the credit card, they may even get other perks and freebies from partner gas stations.

Premium credit card Premium credit cards are reserved for those who only want the best and finer things in life. They come at a price, though, but they make up for it by providing the best perks and more rewards.

Credit card benefits

Besides your spending habits, another thing to consider is the benefits you can get with your credit card. There are times when a credit card company is generous enough to give cashback privileges or bonus points upon signing up for their credit card.

The points that you get can be used to redeem discount coupons, freebies, air miles, free flights, and other services from affiliated partners. Some credit cards also provide exclusive benefits from and access to hotels, airports, and dining establishments.

Annual fees and interest rates

There are fees that come with a credit card when you get one, the most important of which, are the annual fee and the interest rates. Before swiping that credit card, you have to keep in mind that you’re actually spending money you don't have. You then have to pay the amount you spend within a specified period. Otherwise, you will have to pay with interest, the rate of which will depend on your bank or credit card provider.

You also have to consider the annual fee because most credit cards come with one. Annual fee rates depend on the type of credit card, with premium cards charging higher fees but providing top-tier perks and privileges. If annual fees are a concern, it's possible to get a credit card with waived annual fees or low interest rates to help you budget your spending. Some credit cards offer waived annual fees for one to three years, or even for life. Premium credit cards, at least the principal card, will definitely have annual fees, though.

Credit cards are a great solution to helping you manage your spending. Be careful, however, that your credit card doesn't bury you in debt instead of helping you get to a better financial situation. This is why it’s important to be a responsible credit card holder. This will make your credit card a rewarding tool, especially when you get to maximize its perks and benefits.


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