Apply for a PSBank credit card

The Philippine Savings Bank first opened its doors to its clients on September 26, 1960, when its head office was located at Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila. In 1981, the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co., also known as Metrobank, acquired majority shares of PSBank, thus making the latter a subsidiary and the former’s consumer and retail banking arm. The savings bank’s services include the PSBank credit card, debit card, payroll account, personal loan, and many others.

Know more about the PSBank credit card

PSBank, through a cross-selling arrangement with Metrobank Card, offers one credit card: the PSBank Credit MasterCard. The PS Bank credit card, available for people who earn at least ₱180,000 per annum or ₱15,000 per month, has no annual fees for life. The card also offers a 0% installment program from merchant establishments, allowing users to pay items like appliances, gadgets, tuition, hospital bills, travel fare and accommodations at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 monthly installment terms.

PS Bank online and other services

PS Bank also offers various services, such as the PSBank Online, an Internet service through which a user can enroll their deposit, loan, or PSBank Prepaid MasterCard account/s, although the service does not connect to a user’s credit card for now. The bank’s clients can do perform a range of transactions through a secure online banking service.

Meanwhile, an e-Credit PS Bank service allows users to simplify payroll processes and makes salary crediting more convenient for companies of different sizes. The PSBank e-Credit payroll service, which does not require an average daily balance, also helps companies manage employee information better. 

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