Apply for a PNB credit card

Philippine National Bank is a private local commercial bank, providing banking and other financial services, such as PNB credit card products, to large corporate, middle market, small and medium enterprises, and retail customers. PNB was originally established as a government bank in 1916 but has been 100% privatized since 2007, with Lucio Tan Group as major stockholder. The bank has about 662 branches and 900 ATMs nationwide, as well as 76 overseas branches and offices. 

Know more about the PNB credit card

Upon successful PNB credit card application, a prospective cardholder can choose from 18 types of credit cards, including 11 that are co-branded with automobile companies, alumni associations and other businesses. Except for three VISA-affiliated cards and one China UnionPay card, the bank’s credit cards are MasterCards. 

PNB shopping and grocery treats

The PNB MasterCard available in Platinum and Essentials variants. The PNB Platinum MasterCard lets you be updated on the latest fashion, dine in finest restaurants, and enjoy huge discounts and perks. The PNB Essentials lets you enjoy the convenience of paying when you dine out, travel or even shop. The Platinum and Essentials also comes with travel insurance, purchase protection and fraud transaction insurance. 

Another PNB credit card is the Travel Club Platinum MasterCard which entitles you to travel more and spend less. You get a 1% rebate on The Travel Club instalment transactions, 5% discount at all The Travel Club Stores, 20% discount on all The Travel Club house brands on your birthday month. PNB dining, entertainment and events perks

PNB credit card with cashback 

The PNB Visa is perfect for your necessities and last minute expenses. The PNB Visa Card, you can get cash rebates and minimum pay monthly. PNB gives you back 1% of your revolving interest every time you pay at least the minimum amount due.

PNB dining, entertainment and event perks

PNB partnered with Bohol-based mall company Alturas to provide the PNB-Alturas Visa Card. The credit card offers a 10% discount on rooms at South Palms Resort Panglao and, get this, a free Buko Pandan dish at The Prawn Farm Grill & Seafoods for every ₱1,000 spent using the card.

PNB also powered a Jewelmer Joiallerie Platinum Mastercard that gives you access to a refined world of top caliber services, benefits, and rewards. 

PNB credit card air miles and travel insurance benefits

The PNB-Pal Mabuhay Miles MasterCard, available in World and Platinum variants, entitles the user to one Philippine Airlines Mabuhay mile for every ₱33 spent using those credit cards. The World and Platinum cards come with travel insurance coverage worth ₱10 million and ₱3 million, respectively.
On another PNB credit card, users get one rewards point for every ₱50 spent, with a few exceptions. Each point can be converted to one Mabuhay mile, which can be redeemed when 2,000 points have been accumulated. These credit cards also come with travel insurance worth between ₱1 million and ₱10 million, depending on the cards’ terms, when those cards are used to buy airline tickets. 

PNB’s alumni association-branded credit cards 

Five of PNB’s credit cards are created through tie-ups with alumni associations of schools such as the Asian Institute of Management, Xavier School, Immaculate Conception Academy, De La Salle Zobel, and University of the East - Ramon Magsaysay College of Medicine. Some credit card promo offers, like rewards point-related promotions, apply to these cards.

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