Apply for an EastWest Bank credit card

EastWest Bank, established in 1994, was the first recipient of a commercial banking license after the Philippine central monetary authority liberalized banking in the mid-1990s. The bank, a subsidiary of the Filinvest Development Corp., offers financial products and services — including the EastWest Bank credit card — via traditional and alternative delivery channels, such as EastWest online, ATM, over-the-counter and other platforms.

Know more about the EastWest Bank credit card

EastWest Bank credit card customers have eight kinds of cards to choose from, with all except one affiliated with MasterCard. Two of the cards are created via partnerships with Hyundai and the De La Salle Alumni Association.

EastWest shopping and grocery treats

The EastWest EveryDay MasterCard grants up to 5% on rebates on supermarket and drugstore purchases, depending on how much a user spends on non-essential expenses using the card.

EastWest dining, entertainment and events perks

EastWest Bank offers the Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard, which grants discounts, special offers and installment deals with partner sellers, including health, beauty and wellness merchants. An ongoing EastWest credit card promo allows users to redeem one free service at Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa for every ₱20,000 spend using the card. The offer can get up to six free services during the promo, which runs until November 30, 2016.
In addition, every ₱100 charged to the EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard will earn a user one “Charm” point. Accumulated points can be used to redeem vouchers for buying merchandise or to exchange for gift certificates at partner merchants.

EastWest credit card car fuel rebates

EastWest Bank issues the Hyundai MasterCard, which gives users a 5% rebate on fuel purchases at any gasoline station nationwide, as well as a 10% discount at all authorized Hyundai dealerships and a free Hyundai gift voucher worth ₱1,000 upon successful EastWest credit card application.
The rebates offered on the EastWest EveryDay MasterCard also apply to gasoline purchases.

EastWest airmiles and travel insurance benefits

Consumers who use their EastWest Platinum MasterCard to buy travel tickets get up to ₱20 million worth of comprehensive travel accident and inconvenience insurance.
In addition, the EastWest credit card in Visa and MasterCard grants one rewards point for every ₱100 used. Those points can be converted to Philippine Airlines Mabuhay miles (3,640 points translate to 1,000 miles, while 10,910 points translate to 3,000 miles.)

EastWest Bank's DLSAA MasterCard

Created in collaboration with the De La Salle Alumni Association, EastWest Bank’s DLSAA MasterCard gives out one rewards point with every ₱100 charged to the card. Points can be used to donate to DLSAA projects, exchange for cash rebates or get waivers from the association's annual membership fee. The EastWest Bank credit card also slashes 5% off the prices of DLSAA merchandise purchased through the card at the DLSAA Office in DLSU-Manila.

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