Credit Card Companies

Know more about the banks that issue your credit cards

What banks issue credit cards in the Philippines?

Choose from a variety of credit card companies in the Philippines. While most banks like BDO, BPI, Security Bank, Citibank and Metrobank offer credit cards with one or all of of cashback, airmiles and points systems, other banks offer absolutely no rewards like BPI Family. The upside of credit cards with no rewards is that they require low monthly income, have lower interest rates and may not require an annual fee.

If you are looking to sign up for a credit card, both local and international banks offer credit cards that are partnered with MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, JCB or UnionPaySome of these banks also partner with retail companies like Bench, Forever21 and Ayala Malls for more exclusive promos and discounts.

Why should I compare credit cards with GoBear?

Comparing credit cards with GoBear means seeing a side-by-side comparison of promos, features, fees, extra benefits, requirements and eligibility. "Credit card company A" and "Credit card company B" may have the same requirements, but if you scroll further down, you'll know that one is better than the other card based on your needs. Credit cards are not just about one-time promos. You should always consider your personal spending habits. If you are a family man, and spend mostly on dining and groceries, then find a credit card which has a higher conversion of points on those categories. The conversion of credit card A will not always be the same with the conversion of credit card B when it comes to groceries. Credit card companies have major categories on spending, which include groceries, dining, shopping, fuel, online shopping and travel. Remember, the higher the conversion rate, the more rewards you get.


Know more about credit card companies

With the diverse array of rewards offered by credit card companies, shoppers are in for a treat as the rewards are accumulated through transactions. Choose from your preferred rewards such as points, miles and cashbacks, credit card companies extend these perks so you enjoy additional mileage as you spend. Before you select a card, know more about credit card companies - their promotions, features and requirements: