The Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card: Keeping it Simple


Get the credit card that will open up a whole new world of opportunities and simplicity. With the Citi Simplicity+, you can enjoy exclusive rewards and perks while keeping everything else simple—especially the fees and charges. Aside from freeing you from burdensome fees, it also gives you access to Citi Paylite and Click for Cash, two services that will enhance your spending power while letting you revel in the things you enjoy most.

The Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card also gives you the power to enjoy the best dining deals and shopping perks and privileges all over the world with the Citi World Privileges Program. Travel the world and pamper yourself with year-long promos at your favorite wellness and travel merchants globally.

You also need not worry about fraud and unauthorized use of your credit card because Visa Paywave technology makes payments more convenient and secure. Simply tap your Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card on Paywave terminals in select establishments and enjoy secure shopping with your card never leaving your hand. Now that’s what you call secure shopping!

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What are the main features of the Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card?

  • No annual fees
  • No late-payment fees
  • No overlimit fees
  • 10% interest back
  • Citi Paylite
  • Click for cash
  • Citi World Privileges
  • Visa Paywave