What is Comprehensive Insurance for?

A Comprehensive Car Insurance offers a higher level of protection for your vehicle versus the government required Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL). Responsible vehicle owners, be it private car drivers or commercial vehicle operators, know that getting a comprehensive car insurance on top of the required CTPL is a necessity.

As a basic plan, CTPL insurance covers only the damages caused by the insured vehicle (that’s your car) to a third party (that’s the unfortunate car/person you ran into an accident with). That means, a CTPL does not cover your own medical needs, your passengers’ medical needs or damages to your own car. A comprehensive insurance coverage will make sure you can reimburse damage or injury-related expenses that occurred on your end. Did you know a comprehensive car insurance also covers non-injury or non-accident related events?

Below is a detailed GoBear Guide to explain the coverage benefits as well as insurance quotes to help you compare online.



What does comprehensive insurance cover?

A comprehensive car insurance allows you to choose your own coverage benefits, therefore allowing you to also buy coverage you need without breaking the bank. Here is a list of insurance coverage you can get from a comprehensive car insurance.


Voluntary third-party liability (VTPL)

There are great benefits in having a VTPL under your comprehensive car insurance coverage plan, and they can be categorized into bodily injury coverage and property damage.


  1. What is a VTPL-bodily injury?

    With this insurance policy, you are assured that if your CPTL has been exhausted, the additional expenses for the death and/or bodily injury of a third-party victim will be covered.
  2. What is a VTPL-property damage?

    This comprehensive insurance coverage provides compensation for damages to the car or any property of the third party as a result of an accident with your insured car.


Own damage and theft

If the vehicle is lost due to theft and it has been more than 30 days since it was reported missing, the comprehensive insurance will have to pay you with the actual cash value of the missing vehicle minus your deductible. In case of malicious acts like vandalism, the amount that you'll get will depend on the extent of damage and the kind of fix that will be needed. 


Optional coverage

Among the optional coverage you can get as a part of your comprehensive car insurance are

1. Acts of nature

2. Personal accident

3. Roadside assistance

You can also include coverage for windshield damage like chip, cracks, and breakage and for damage incurred due to accidental collision with animals like deer, birds, racoons, and dogs.


Benefits of a comprehensive car insurance

  • A comprehensive car insurance coverage allows you as the insured driver or vehicle owner to file an insurance claim from your insurer even if the accident has been proven  to be your fault
  • The policy also applies even on cases when fault can't be proven
  • for damage to the insured vehicle even if the cause is unrelated to collision/accident. It can also be claimed even when the accidents are deemed to be the insured driver's fault. 


Insurance claims: How do I claim for comprehensive car insurance?

If you've caused an accident or you've been involved in one, and you think the damage to your car and to the third party is covered by your comprehensive car insurance, you had better inform your insurance company as soon as possible. The standard procedures may not be the same for all insurance companies, but most of the processes apply to all. Read on for the basic requirements and procedures when claiming for your insurance benefits from your insurance company.


Details and documents needed

The basic documents that will be needed when filing for a comprehensive car insurance claim are:

  • a copy of the comprehensive insurance policy

  • official receipt of premium payment

  • detailed police report affidavit

  • various photographs of the accident

  • photocopies of the driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, and the official receipts of both the vehicle registration and driver's license.

  • notarized affidavit or duly filled out comprehensive insurance claim form from the insurance company.  


Procedure for claims

Once you've reported the incident to your insurer, you will have to meet a claims professional from your insurance company. During your meeting, you'll discuss the situation and your coverages under your comprehensive insurance for car. The case will then be evaluated by your claims professional — a process that involves car inspection and examination of evidences in case of injury claims. An initial payment may also be released to you. This will be followed by case resolution including full payment before the case will be closed.


Compare car insurance online: Why choose GoBear Philippines?

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