Types of Car Insurance

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There are mainly two types of car insurance in the Philippines, the Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL Insurance or CTPL) and the Comprehensive Car Insurance (or “Compre”). The first is a mandatory insurance for all vehicle owners and is the cheaper type of auto insurance, but has very limited coverage. The latter type packs a ton of coverage, and is usually bought to cover the expenses that CTPL cannot provide.

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Compulsory third party liability

Compulsory third party liability is also sometimes called CTPL Insurance, or plainly, CTPL, and is one of the two major types of car insurance. CTPL Insurance is required by the Philippine government as a basic car insurance that all car owners must get. It's coverage is capped at P100,000 and is only applicable to the third party. Read more about this type of insurance, including premium and claims per insurance company by clicking the link below:


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Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance is one of the types of car insurance which provides a higher coverage than CTPL. Vehicle owners buy this plan on top of the required CTPL insurance, as it offers more benefits like personal accident, roadside assistance, medical and hospital expenses, and even non-collision related events like theft or vandalism to your car. If you want to learn more about the specific coverage benefits of this type of auto insurance, including car insurance quotes and claims, click the link to the GoBear Guide:


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