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Car insurance costs a lot to protect our vehicles and it can be a major expenditure for many people. GoBear offers a few tips to help you make sure your car insurance premium pesos are spent in the most beneficial manner as possible.  

Look for Discounts

Car insurance discounts are available almost to everyone, and they can be worth more than you expect. If you’re a driver with a clean driving record with no collisions and no violations within the last recent years, you might qualify for a “safe driver” discount. If you don’t see a discount type on their page, you can always ask your insurance provider if you qualify to any of their promos and discounts. If you already have discounts, you may check for further discounts available.

Update Your Car Insurance Policy 

What you are affects your car insurance, so if you recently moved, got a new job, or got married during the past year, make sure you update your policies appropriately.

Maintain a Good Credit History

If yu have a credit card, establishing a solid credit history has many benefits, such as lower insurance costs. If you already have a good credit history, and effectively manage your credit, you make fewer claims. You can also check your insurance provider if you qualify for discounts for maintaining a good credit history.

Change to Higher Deductibles

A deductible is an amount you pay before your insurance policy starts working. Changing the amount of your collision or deductibles could be a way to control your premium costs. Choosing a deductible that is higher for a coverage will lessen your premium. But you have to keep in mind that this will increase your financial exposure when an accident happens.

With car insurance being an extravagant finance, people often become frugal and would want to maximize their car insurance. By following these tips, you can maximize your car insurance.

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