Understanding the Policy: What is an insurance rider?

A comprehensive car insurance policy mostly includes all the needs of vehicle owners such as own damage car insurance, excess liability insurance, and personal accident insurance. Depending on your policy, it could also include acts of God insurance. However, if you want a more comprehensive coverage, you may choose to include an insurance rider or optional add-ons.

An insurance rider serves as an add-on to your current plan. This may include: loss of use, roadside services, and other add-ons.


What are the types of insurance riders or optional add-ons?

If you want to be more protected while on the road, buying insurance riders will make you more covered. Below are optional add-ons for you:


Loss of Use Insurance Rider

If you have this add-on, your insurance company will reimburse all transportation expenses incurred while your vehicle is currently under repair. Some companies even offer a temporary transport service.


Roadside Service Insurance Rider

This add-on is helpful if your car breaks down on the road. Some insurance companies offer roadside repairs, towing services, hotel accommodations and fuel delivery.


Other add-ons

Insurance riders depend per company. Others offer add-ons such as covers for valuables inside your vehicle, protection for your car upgrades, and more. Check your policy for available insurance riders and their inclusions.



Insurance claims: How do I make an insurance rider claim?

Processing a claim for an insurance rider depends on your current coverage. If you are processing for a loss of use insurance rider, requirements are similar to an own damage car insurance claim, plus receipts for transportation expenses. You may also want to read the procedure on how to make a claim in case of a car loss here.

Claims for other add-ons are more convenient. The most important thing is for you to contact your car insurance provider the moment it happens, so they can guide you and send a representative to assist you with the requirements and procedures.


Compare insurance riders online: Why choose GoBear?



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