Pacific Union Insurance Co. was founded on June 5, 1945 and was granted authority on July 21 of the same year to write fire, marine, automobile, accident, and miscellaneous lines to act as surety on official recognizances, stipulations, bonds and undertakings. From this, the Pacific Union car insurance product was offered, along with other services.


What is the Pacific Union Car Insurance plan? 

This Pacific Union product offers protection for cars, trucks, motorcycles, or other road vehicles, in case of damages due to accidents and other causes. Specifically, the product secures financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that may arise therefrom.

Pacific Union car insurance is available for cars of up to 10 years of age. Specifics for auto insurance policies differ depending on whether the car being covered is for private or commercial (light or medium vehicles) use

Pacific Union Car Insurance coverage for car loss or damage

Pacific Union’s motor insurance plan covers the loss or damage of your vehicle via fire or theft, up to the vehicle’s fair market value, as well as via act of nature for selected or mortgaged cars. This car insurance also covers dealer repairs if the covered car is less than five years old, as well as airbag reinstallation services. A person who buys this plan can have the option to add coverage for damage due to riots, strikes, or civil commotion.

Pacific Union Car Insurance coverage for accidents

For instances when the car causes damage to third party property or death or bodily injury to third party persons, Philfirst insurance can shoulder up to P200,000 in damages. The plan also covers ambulance service and hospital admission assistance, as well as up to P10,000 in compensation for personal accidents to the driver and passengers.

Pacific Union Car Insurance assistance coverage and other features

Pacific Union’s auto insurance products offer roadside assistance services for cars up to two years old, like reimbursement of up to P4,000 for towing services and P8,000 for crane service, as well as, vehicle jumpsarting, battery boosting, tire replacement, locksmith service, motor shop referral, assistance in case of carnapping, and more. This auto insurance plan is also inclusive of reimbursement of up to P500 per day to compensate for loss of use of vehicle until completion of repairs.

Am I eligible for Pacific Union Car Insurance? 

A Filipino citizen who owns a car and has a driver’s license is eligible to apply for car insurance from Pacific Union. The first step of the application process is filling out the application form, which is available at any Pacific Union branch near you. Take note of the other requirements that the insurer can ask from you, depending on the policy you’re planning to take.

What are the requirements of a Pacific Union Car Insurance plan?

Minimum Requirements for Pacific Union Car Insurance 

  • The applicant must be a Filipino citizen 18 years old or above.

  • The car must be 10 years old or less.

Required Documents for Pacific Union Car Insurance 

Aside from the fully accomplished application form, an applicant may need to secure the following, depending on the insurance provider:

  • Driver’s license

  • Other Government-issued IDs

  • The vehicle’s Certificate of Registration and Original Receipt

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