Established on October 29, 1962, Mercantile Insurance Co. has been offering all types of non-life insurance, such as the Mercantile car insurance product, as well as fire, marine, personal accident, miscellaneous casualty, aviation, engineering, and surety insurance plans.



What are the Mercantile Car Insurance plans?

Mercantile Car Insurance—Comprehensive Private Car 

If you own a private vehicle or one that you use for personal errands and trips, this insurance product from Mercantile Philippines is for you. This plan covers the loss or damage of your vehicle via fire or theft, up to the vehicle’s fair market value, as well as via act of nature for selected or mortgaged cars. For instances when the car causes damage to third party property or death or bodily injury to third party persons, Mercantile can shoulder up to P200,000 in damages. The plan also covers medical expenses caused by car accidents, for up to a certain amount, inclusive of ambulance service and hospital admission assistance.

Mercantile Car Insurance—Comprehensive Private Commercial L/M

Owners of light or medium vehicles used for commercial purposes can get this insurance plan from Mercantile.  This product has similar features as the Comprehensive Private Car plan. Aside from the aforementioned coverage specifics, Mercantile auto insurance products offer roadside assistance services, like reimbursement of up to P5,000 for towing services, a similar amount for minor on-site repair, and P10,000 for crane service. These plans are also inclusive of reimbursement of up to P2,000 per year for hotel expense and P2,000 for replacement vehicle. One unique feature of Mercantile car insurance plans is that the company offers LTO registration assistance to its clients.

Am I eligible for Mercantile Car insurance? 

In most countries, car insurance is a requirement. So if you are a Filipino citizen who owns a car and you have driver’s license (which is kind of proof that you’re no longer a minor), you are eligible to apply for car insurance from Mercantile. All you need to do is to fill out the application form, which can be obtained from the company and its offices.

What are the requirements of a Mercantile car insurance plan?

Minimum Requirements for Pacific Union Car Insurance 

  • The applicant must be a Filipino citizen 18 years old or above.
  • The car must be 10 years old or less.

Required Documents for Pacific Union Car Insurance 

Aside from the fully accomplished application form, an applicant may need to secure the following, depending on the insurance provider:

  • Driver’s license
  • Other Government-issued IDs
  • The vehicle’s Certificate of Registration and Original Receipt

    (Note: requirements vary depending on coverage being availed)

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