Established in 1934, MAPFRE INSULAR has managed to thrive and perform well in the insurance industry, making it today’s one of the top ten non-life insurance companies in terms of net premiums written, earned premiums, and assets. The company’s insurance policies are designed for maximum financial protection and risk management. Its offerings include fire and allied lines, personal accident, liability, engineering, marine cargo, as well as MAPFRE car insurance plans and services among others.


Why apply for a MAPFRE car insurance?

The roads in the Philippines aren’t among the world’s safest, so besides being mandated by the law upon vehicle registration, it pays a lot to have comprehensive insurance like the ones you’ll get from MAFRE. While the Land Transportation Office (LTO) offers the basic Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL), its coverage may not be enough to cover the damages that you might incur if you get involved in an accident, especially a major one.

Come to think of it, will your savings be enough to shoulder your own and a third party’s medical costs in case of injury? Will you be able to pay for any property that may get damaged during an accident caused by your car? If you cringe by just the thought of it, you better read on and know more about the auto insurance coverages that you can get from MAPFRE Insurance.

What are the coverage benefits under MAPFRE car insurance?

MAPFRE Insular, is one of the few car insurance companies in the Philippines that understands the hassles and inconveniences of getting involved in road accidents and roadside emergencies. For this reason, this company offers its clientele not only with comprehensive insurance coverage but coverages that you can add to your basic CPTL.

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CPTL) Insurance

This is the auto insurance coverage required by the law upon vehicle registration. It protects the insurer from liabilities that may arise from death of or bodily injury to third parties. With MAPFRE, you can get CPTL with Road Assistance should you feel that you could use some assistance during accidents and roadside emergencies. There will be a dedicated hotline number the insurer can contact, and the service will be provided by IBERO ASISTENCIA, MAPFRE’s sister company.   

Auto Liability Insurance

This MAPFRE car insurance offers extra coverage for third party liability on top of the CPTL, even for vehicles that are more than eight years old. It also covers liabilities that may come up from damage caused by the insured vehicle to someone else's vehicle or property as well as bodily injury or death to a third party. It also includes car insurance coverage for Unnamed Driver and Passenger Personal Accident.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This MAPFRE Insurance Philippines coverage includes the basic plan you need along with additional benefits. This auto insurance provides the insurer protection in case of accidental loss and damage to the vehicle due to the following: overturning, accidental collision, explosion, fire and lightning, as well as theft and burglary.

The vehicle is also covered for damage caused by self ignition as well as malicious acts done by third parties. You also don’t have to worry about your legal liabilities for death or bodily injury of third parties and for physical damage to properties caused by the use of insured vehicle. The most completeMAPFRE car insurance coverage is the comprehensive car insurance with Acts of Nature coverage.

Car Insurance for fleet accounts

MAPFRE Insurance also offers insurance for fleet accounts to protect vehicle owners against loss or damage to their vehicles and liabilities that may arise from bodily injury as well as damage to third parties’ properties.

Among the comprehensive insurance benefits of such plan are damages to vehicle, medical expenses, theft or carnap of the vehicle, liabilities arising from the use of the insured vehicle, damage to properties of third parties, bodily injury or death of third parties, and bodily injury or death of passengers in one’s vehicle.

Am I eligible under MAPFRE Insurance Philippines?

As long as you have the complete documents to register your vehicle in the LTO, you are eligible for car insurance from MAPFRE Insurance Philippines. You may be asked to submit additional requirements especially if you’re applying for car insurance for business and for fleet accounts. You can visit the company’s website to get a quote.

What are the requirements of a MAPFRE car insurance plan? 

Minimum Requirements

  • Complete vehicle information

  • Vehicle should be 10 years of age at most

  • Duly signed and approved application form

Required Documents

  • Completely filled-out application form

  • Driver’s license

  • Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration

  • Vehicle’s original receipt (OR)

  • Valid government ID (aside from the license)

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If you’re ready to apply for a MAPFRE car insurance, make sure to compare it with other plans to see how much you can save.