If you own a car, it always pays to have a car insurance policy that you can rely on should the inevitable happens—that's what the MAA General Assurance Philippines, Inc. is for. Since its establishment on September 1, 2001, the company has been committed to providing Filipinos with non-life insurance products and services that meet the requirements of even the most discerning of customers. One of these products is the MAA General Assurance car insurance. Read more to find details about requirements, coverage benefits and how to apply.


Why apply for a MAA General Assurance Car Insurance?

Driving on the major thoroughfares in Metro Manila, which is rated by Waze users to have the worst traffic in 2015, can sometimes be disastrous, and that's reason enough for you to get a comprehensive insurance. While the Land Transportation Office (LTO) requires a basic car insurance plan upon registration of the vehicle, this policy only covers Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) or coverage of the injury or death of a third-party.

What will happen if your vehicle gets lost or damaged due to natural calamities or if the insured vehicle has caused damage to the property of others? These are just some of the reasons why the a comprehensive insurance policy, like that of MAA General Assurance Philippines, is worth checking out!

What are the plans from MAA General Assurance?

An auto insurance is will be your savior, If you frequent the heavily trafficked roads in Metro Manila, you will always encounter reckless drivers, red light runners, and jaywalking pedestrians. If there's a downpour, there's a high chance that you'll pass flood-prone areas. If you have only the CTPL coverage and you got involved in an accident, you will have to shell out big amount of money just to shoulder the cost of repair and the medication if anyone gets injured including yourself.

An MAA General Assurance car insurance plan can save you from such hassles by covering most, if not all, of the damages caused the insured vehicle.  It is designed to protect you, your vehicle, as well as the third parties involved in case of a road mishap. The company's comprehensive insurance coverage include the following:

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CPTL)

This is the basic coverage that the  law requires once you have your vehicle registered. It  covers your possible liability to a third party in case of accidents. The third party may be the person inside or outside your ride. It covers just the liability of the insurer in case of death and/or bodily injury of a third party.

Loss or Damage

This coverage MAA General Assurance car insurance policy will be your protection in case of accidental damage or theft.  These days when car theft is rampant, it pays to be protected   by this coverage.

Excess Bodily Injury 

This benefit from MAA General covers severe injuries that will require more medical attention. You can use this coverage for the excess liability that goes beyond the limit of your CTPL.

Third party Property Damage

This insurance coverage from MAA General Assurance Insurance has you covered when your insured vehicle causes damage to someone else's property. It covers your legal liability in such cases, thus sparing you from a possible dent in your budget.

Acts of Nature

The said car insurance coverage protects the insured vehicle from damages caused by acts of nature such as typhoon, volcanic eruption, flood, earthquake, hurricane, and other natural calamities.

Auto-Personal Accident      

Such coverage from MAA  will provide you or your loved ones with financial protection in case you got involved in an accident and you lose your life or become disable. You will be paid in cash by MAA General Assurance to cover your medical expenses in case of injury, accidental death, or disability.    

Am I eligible for an MAA General Assurance Car Insurance?

Getting a basic CTPL in the Philippines is easy-easy as it usually comes as a pre-requisite for your car's registration with the LTO. So the requirements for the registration may be the same ones needed to secure a basic insurance policy. Some car insurance companies may require bank details along with your vehicle information and driver's license.

What are the requirements of an MAA General Assurance Car insurance plan?

        Minimum Requirements

  • The vehicle shouldn't be used for more than 10 years

  • Vehicle information

  • Your bank information

        Required Documents

  • Completely filled-out application form

  • Driver’s license

  • Vehicle’s original receipt (OR)

  • Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration

  • Valid government ID (aside from the license)

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