Liberty Insurance Corporation was founded in 1953. It has established an exceptional presence in the non-life insurance industry. The company continues to bring extraordinary products and services to the market such as protection against losses to property and personal well-being through the traditional lines of insurances.


What is the Liberty Insurance Corporation Motorcar Insurance?

The Liberty Insurance Corporation offers protection for cars, scooters, buses, road building equipment, trailers, and motorcycles, in the case of damages due to accidents and acts of nature. Specifically, this secures financial protection about a use of motor vehicle.

The motorcar insurance provided by the Liberty Insurance Corporation includes loss and damage, third party property damage, third party bodily injury, and acts of nature.

Am I eligible for Liberty Insurance Corporation Car Insurance?

If you are a Filipino citizen and you have your car and a driver’s license, then you are eligible to apply for a car insurance from Liberty Insurance Corporation. The first step of any application process is filling out the application form. Take note of the other requirements that the insurer can ask from you, depending on the policy you’re going to get.

What are the requirements of a Liberty Insurance Corporation Car Insurance Plan?

If you are going to apply for a car insurance plan at Liberty Insurance Corporation, you may visit their offices or contact them from their official website.

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