Formerly known as the Federal Phoenix Assurance Co., Inc., FPG Insurance takes great pride in its more than a century of entrepreneurial experience in the Asia Pacific region.  It was founded by the Zuellig Group of Companies in 1958. Since then, it was able to establish a rock-solid reputation for creating intelligently structured insurance products—like the FPG car insurance—and solutions for the Philippine insurance market.


Why apply for an FPG Car Insurance?

In the Philippines, as you register your vehicle with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), the law mandates that you acquire an auto insurance with a basic plan.  You can get just the basic Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL), or you can opt for a comprehensive car insurance  like the plans offered by FPG car insurance. Should you wish to know more about the car insurance plans offered by FPG insurance Philippines, here are some of the important details:

What are the FPG Car Insurance Plans?

FPG is among car insurance companies in the Philippines that provide insurers with comprehensive vehicle insurance protection. Below are the plans and car insurance coverage offered by an FPG car insurance:

        ACCI Shield Auto PA

With this comprehensive insurance plan, you get maximum coverage not just for the driver but also for the vehicle’s passengers. The policy inclusions are coverage for burial expenses, actual in/out-patient medical expenses due to the accident, accidental death and disablement benefits for the driver and passengers, and additional protection in case of surgical treatment  caused by a covered accident.

       Auto Shield Plus

This comprehensive FPG car insurance product has larger coverage on top of the basic CTPL. The policy includes Voluntary Third Party Liability - Bodily Injury and Property Damage, which offers protection against legal liability in case of bodily injury as well as damage to property of the Third Party. If you compare car insurance, you will find out that this also covers loss of vehicle due to theft and own damage as well as the cost of repair caused by an insured accident like fire, overtuning, and collision.

With this policy from FPG insurance, you can also enjoy extended cover benefits including coverage for vehicle loss or damage due to Acts of Nature as well as personal Accident insurance with medical reimbursements to the authorized driver and passengers.    

       FPG 24/7 Roadside Assistance

This car insurance benefit offers the following benefits: vehicle removal, battery boosting, and emergency fuel delivery; towing due to breakdown caused by road accident, act of nature, and/or electrical/mechanical failure due to theft or fire.  

Am I eligible for an FPG Car insurance?

While the basic CTPL can easily be obtained from the LTO upon vehicle registration, application for a comprehensive insurance from FPG is subject for company's approval. The vehicle may be subjected to inspection before the policy will be issued. The actual premium will only be confirmed once formal request for policy issuance has been released.

What are the requirements of an FPG car insurance plan?

Minimum Requirements

  • Vehicle should be 10 years of age at most

  • Notice or seal of approval in the application form

  • Vehicle testing

      Required Documents

  • Completely filled-out application form

  • Driver’s license

  • Vehicle’s original receipt (OR)

  • Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration

  • Valid government ID (aside from the license)

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