Committed to provide the best insurance services that prioritize the protection and interest of the public, the Charter Ping An Insurance Corp. is consistently among the country's leading non-life insurance company, offering products and services like Marine Cargo, Fire, Personal Accident, Engineering , Bonds, Casualty, and Charter Ping-an car insurance. It is 100% owned by AXA Philippines and is operating under the umbrella of the Metrobank Group.



Why apply with Ping-an Car Insurance?


It is required by the law in most countries, and this is also true in the Philippines, which makes car insurance one of your life's necessary evils. And the best way to protect you from huge out-of-pocket expenses due to road troubles, is to get a comprehensive car insurance. Insurance providers like Charter Ping-an Philippines also provide legal protection as well as much-needed financial assistance should the insurer get involved in a car accident. Continue reading to know more about Charter Ping-an and a great way to find the best auto insurance out there for free!


Know more about the Comprehensive Charter Ping-an Car Insurance 


Charter Ping-an won't be a leading non-life insurance provider in the Philippines for nothing. This company assures its clientele of comprehensive insurance coverage should the inevitable happen to you and your vehicle. Among the insurance coverage offered by the company are:


Third Party Liability Cover


This car insurance coverage from Charter Ping-an comes in two categories—the Compulsory Third Party Liability (CPTL) and the Voluntary Third Party Liability Cover (VTPL). The CPTL, as its name implies, is mandated by the law for every registered car to provide the policyholder with protection against third-party injuries and/or death only. VTPL, on the other hand, covers excess bodily injury and property damage. Under these auto insurance plans, third-party cover for Ping-an amounts to ₱200,000 for damage to third party property and the same amount for death or bodily injury to third party.


Loss or Damage Cover


This Charter Ping-an car insurance coverage is for the protection of the insurer against loss or damage incurred by the automobile from accidental collision, explosion, fire, overturning, theft, as well as malicious damage.


Optional Car Insurance Coverage


Through an optional coverage, clients of Charter Ping-an Insurance Philippines have a choice to insure their car against acts of nature like hurricane, typhoon, flood, earthquake, and volcanic eruption.  Another optional cover is the Unnamed Passenger Personal Accident (UPPA), which offers extended protection to the passengers of the insured vehicle who got injured while boarding, alighting, or riding in the insured vehicle.


Am I eligible for a Charter Ping-an Car insurance?


To be eligible for a Charter Ping-an insurance, you need to be a Filipino citizen who owns a car and with valid driver's license and certificate of registration, you are eligible for a comprehensive car insurance. In fact, basic insurance coverage can even be obtained from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) through cash payments. To qualify for a comprehensive insurance from Charter Ping-an insurance, your car must be 10 years old at most. You must also submit a duly accomplished application form to any branch near you.


What are the requirements of a Charter Ping-an car insurance plan? 


      Minimum Requirements


  • Filipino citizen

  • 18 yrs old and above

  • Vehicle must not be more than 10 years old




      Required Documents


  • Completely filled-out application form

  • Vehicle’s original receipt (OR)

  • Driver’s license

  • Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration

  • Valid government ID (aside from the license)


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If you’re ready to apply for a Charter Ping-an car insurance, make sure to compare it with other plans to see how much you can save.