BDO has become the country’s largest and most successful bank in the Philippines regarding consolidated resources, customer loans, deposits, assets under management and capital, including a branch and ATM network nationwide. It has been providing a complete selection of industry-leading products and services including a BDO auto insurance.


Why apply for BDO Auto Insurance?

Filipinos are not well-informed with the necessity of a car insurance. There are a lot of cars in Manila and accidents commonly happens daily, and if you often take roads where accidents are prone, then you have all the reason to apply for a BDO Auto insurance. With the BDO auto insurance, you can rest assure that your car is protected from loses due to theft, collision, fire, and acts of nature. You can also rest in the knowledge that, should anything happen to you or another party in a vehicular accident, you are covered through BDOI. Since it costs more and you will be under debt if you can’t afford the damages you should pay for just to repair your car.

What is the BDO Auto Insurance plan?

BDO’s auto insurance product protects car owners from the liabilities that comes with the use of their vehicles. This product from BDO meets all requirements of Compulsory Third Party Liability insurance laws. The company offers protection for your car at an affordable cost.

Along with the BDO auto insurance, you can enjoy the following benefits:

∙ Free Acts of Nature (AON) coverage (such as flood, typhoon, and earthquake)

∙ Loss and damage to owner’s car** are covered including bodily injuries and property damage to third parties

Am I eligible for a BDO Auto Insurance?

If you’re a Filipino citizen and you have your car and driver’s license, then you passed the first step to eligibility. How can you get a car insurance if you’re not any of these? All you have to do is bring the necessary documents required to apply for car insurance from BDO auto insurance which can be accomplished by inquiring from the official website of the company.

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