Established on May 15, 1957, the Alpha Insurance & Surety Co. Inc. has been in the business of insurance and guaranty for almost six decades now. Among its products and services are Alpha car insurance, marine cargo insurance, insurance against the peril of fire and/or lightning, engineering risk insurance, and personal accident insurance.  


Why apply with Alpha Car Insurance?

The law requires basic car insurance, but this only covers injury or death of the third-party or people in the vehicle you collided with. An Alpha car insurance can provide comprehensive car insurance coverage that will protect you, your passengers and damage to your vehicle. Read on to find out more about its plans and how you can get complete coverage at the best price.

What are Alpha’s comprehensive car insurance plans?

Alpha Car Insurance—Private Vehicle

If you own a private vehicle or one that you use for personal errands and trips, the auto insurance you should get from Alpha Philippines must be the one tailored for private vehicles. The policy that offers protection to your vehicle and third party includes the following coverages: Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL), Loss and/or Damage Cover (LD), Third Party Bodily Injury Cover (BI), Third Party Property Damage Cover (PD), and/or Unnamed Personal Accident.

The insured unit can also be covered under circumstances against Acts of God like typhoon flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and extended cover. Each of these auto insurance coverages are calculated on top of your plan and you can choose just the coverage you want or need.

Alpha Insurance Philippines also offer 24/7 ASSISTANCE thru EA Philippines as an added features.  

Alpha Car Insurance—Commercial Vehicle

Owners of pick-ups, vans, school services, and other vehicles and other vehicles used for commercial purposes must get comprehensive insurance coverage that includes liability protection, driver protection, vehicle protection, and specialty coverage. Most of the coverages for trucks from Alpha car insurance are the same as that of other vehicles, but there are specific coverages you can consider like trailer interchange, motor truck cargo and/or general liability, non-trucking liability and/or reimbursement with downtime. There are also tow-specific insurance coverages for tow trucks.  

Alpha Car Insurance—Land Transportation Operators

Alpha car insurance also provides Passenger Personal Accident Insurance (PPAI), which is required of LTO operators. This is a requirement by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) prior to issuance of franchise to land transport operators.

Am I eligible for an Alpha Car insurance?

An auto insurance is a requirement in the Philippines. If you are a Filipino citizen who owns a car and you have driver’s license, you are eligible to apply for car insurance from Alpha. All you need to do is to fill out the application form, which can be downloaded from the official website of the company or obtained from any Alpha branch near you. Read more to find out how you can apply car insurance online with GoBear.

What are the requirements of an Alpha car insurance plan?

Minimum Requirements

  • Filipino citizen

  • 18 yrs old and above

  • Vehicle must be 10 years old at most

Required Documents

  • Duly accomplished application form

  • Your vehicle’s original receipt (OR)

  • Your driver’s license

  • Your vehicle’s Certificate of Registration

  • Any valid ID (in addition to the license)

Before you apply for an Alpha car insurance, it would be wiser if you check out first the other options available for you and compare policies from different car insurance companies, so you can land on an insurance coverage that is right for your need and fits your budget. Visit GoBear Philippines for unbiased comparison and reviews of the various car insurance policies in the Philippines.  

Compare Online: Why choose GoBear

There are too many options for comprehensive car insurance plans in the Philippines, and more often, there is too little information about the plan before you purchase. You can now compare details of an Alpha Car Insurance with plans from other insurers like Charter Ping-an, FPG Insurance, MAA General Assurance and more. See a side-by-side comparison of fees, additional coverage or riders and requirements if you compare with GoBear. The website is free and easy to use, created to help Filipinos make smarter financial decisions. Learn more about GoBear through the FAQ page.



If you’re ready to apply for an Alpha car insurance, make sure to compare it with other plans to see how much you can save.