Car Insurance Companies in the Philippines

Get to know more about the companies offering comprehensive car insurance and their plans

Car insurance companies in the Philippines

Car insurance companies in the Philippines have been around to provide wide-ranging coverage benefits on top of the law-mandated and basic plan called Compulsory Third-Party Liability or CTPL. While the basic plan only covers injury and death of a third-party vehicle, the roads can be dangerous in instances like rain, calamity, strikes or civil unrest, which calls for a comprehensive car insurance.

The comprehensive plans from car insurance companies in the Philippines provide extra coverage such as injury and damage to you and your vehicle, roadside assistance that may include getting locked out of your car, and nice benefits like choosing your workshop or casa. Some of the major players in the car insurance industry include Alpha, Commonwealth, BPI/MS, and MAA General Assurance. Read more to find out a more detailed profile of each insurance company and the plans they offer.

Why should I compare car insurance with GoBear?

Comparing car insurance companies with GoBear means seeing a side-by-side comparison of their coverage, flexibility, quotes or premiums as well as requirements and eligibility. "Auto insurance company A" and "Auto insurance company B" may have the same requirements, but if you scroll further down, you'll know that one is better than the other, based on your needs.

The car insurance comparison of GoBear is a neat website that allows you to compare without the need to sign in or provide delicate information. It's a free website that was built to provide Filipinos an honest to goodness metasearch for all their car insurance needs.


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