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For best protection, the insurance coverage you need should be equal to the prevailing price of your car today. For example, if your car is worth ₱700,000, then choose the same amount in this section. You can also choose to insure your car for 10% lower or higher than your declared car value.

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What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a contract agreed upon by a car owner and an insurer, providing for financial protection over accidents and injuries involving a vehicle and its passengers. In exchange for a premium you will pay for a periodic term, car insurance companies will offer financial assistance corresponding to certain coverage benefits such as claims for car damage, neat roadside assistance benefits like when you get locked out or need a towing service, and accident-related compensation to third parties or the car owner.

Car insurance in the Philippines

In the Philippines, all automobile owners are required to buy a policy called the Compulsory Third Party Liability car insurance or CTPL. The CTPL, which car owners should buy before they register or renew their vehicles, ensures that a third party involved in an accident with your car will receive the appropriate compensation. But this law-mandated auto insurance is a basic plan and it doesn't cover injuries or death on your end or damage of your car.

Beyond the CTPL, it is recommended to acquire comprehensive car insurance plan from an accredited car insurance company in the Philippines. A comprehensive insurance is a broader insurance policy that covers for various instances such as car damage, accident-related injuries, damage to car accessories, and car repair services, among many others. Most coverage benefits under this plan are flexible and you can freely choose which benefits you need the most.

Types of car insurance

There are two major types of car insurance, CTPL insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance. Each differ vasty on the scope of coverage, price rates, and other terms and conditions. GoBear offers comprehensive insurance, which can be categorized into the following:

•  Comprehensive Private Car Insurance

This comprehensive car insurance product is targeted to private vehicle owners, whose automobiles are used for personal purposes.

•  Comprehensive Private Commercial Car Insurance

This car insurance product is aimed at commercial enterprises that use vehicles for their business operations. Insurance policies for this category differ depending on the size of the vehicle being used, whether “light,” “medium” or “heavy.” Most car insurance companies only offer comprehensive car insurance for “light” and “medium” vehicles, although a few also offer a special tier of insurance policy for “heavy” vehicles.

•  Comprehensive For-Hire Car Insurance

This comprehensive car insurance product is specifically designed for vehicles used for public transportation and other related purposes. The size of the vehicle being insured may also affect the type of coverage for this plan.

Car insurance coverage

Regardless of the type of car insurance Philippines being offered, the coverage included in these plans can be classified by the following:

•   Car loss or damage

Compensates for certain events that lead to the loss or damage of your vehicle, such as fire, theft, acts of nature, riots, or even terrorism. Services of this car insurance coverage may include dealer repairs, vehicle accessories, windscreen cover and repair, and airbag reinstallation, among others.

•  Third-party cover

Provides financial protection to the insured in case of damage to third-party property, or death or injury to third party because of an accident involving the insured car.

•  Medical expenses

Covers for instances when the insured car’s owner and/or passengers end up needing medical attention because of an accident.

•  Roadside assistance

Various services offered to insured vehicles under car insurance in case of breakdowns or damages. These may include towing, on-site repair, tire replacement, vehicle removal, locksmith service, security assistance, and many more.

•  Personal assistance

Shoulders for certain expenses that a person had to incur related to the breakdown of the insured vehicle.

Find a complete list of comprehensive car insurance coverage in our detailed GoBear Guide.

Let GoBear help you find the best car insurance policies

Here at GoBear, we strive to give you updated information on the terms of each car insurance product offered in the Philippines. GoBear is Asia's first unbiased metasearch engine or comparison website that generates the most favourable car insurance product for you, depending on your needs. It's free, easy to use and gives you instant quotes with no sign up required. Start comparing car insurance from the most trusted insurers in the Philippines, including:

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Car insurance companies in the Philippines

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Now you can compare car insurance for free and find out how much you can save.

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Now you can compare car insurance for free and find out how much you can save.

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  • 1.What is car insurance?
    Car insurance is a contract between a car owner and an insurer, providing for financial protection over accidents and injuries involving a vehicle and its passengers.
  • 2.What is Private Usage?
    Automobiles are used for personal purposes which specifically refer to cars such as sedans, coupés, compact and full-sized cars.
  • 3.What is for Hire Usage?
    Vehicles are used for public transportation and classified as land transportation operation.
  • 4.What is a Commercial Vehicle?
    Vehicles that are principally designed to transport goods/cargoes and/or persons and weighs heavier than personal cars, such as sport utility vehicles (SUV’s), Asian utility vehicles (AUV’s), commuter vans, pick-ups, trucks and buses.
  • 5.What companies offer car insurance in the Philippines?
  • 6.What type of car insurance should I get?
    Well, it depends on how much you want to pay and what you want to be covered for.

    Everyone in the Philippines has to have basic insurance - the insurance geeks call this Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) or Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance (CMVLI). See the words “compulsory”? That means you don’t get a choice – no insurance, no registration with the Land Transportation Office. This compulsory insurance covers you up to ₱100,000 if you have an accident and someone else (who isn’t in your car) is seriously hurt or dies.

    You can choose to add comprehensive insurance on top of your compulsory. What you get varies between insurers. You can compare on GoBear to see which insurers offer the benefits you want. Some of the extra benefits you can choose are:

    Own Damage and Theft: This covers your car if it’s damaged in an accident or fire, or if someone damages your car on purpose or steals it.

    Acts of Nature: Mother nature can be unpredictable. If you live in an area that gets lots of tropical storms, you might want to add on this benefit. It covers your car if it’s damaged by earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

    Strike, riot and civil commotion: When people are passionate about a cause, things can get out of hand. This benefit covers your car if it gets damaged or totalled during a strike, riot or commotion. We hope, for your sake, you’re not in the car if this happens!

    Extra third party Liability: Also called, Voluntary third-party liability or VTPL. As mentioned above, you already have some third-party cover in your compulsory insurance. But you can choose to add on this extra insurance in case the third-party claim is higher than your basic insurance will cover. There are 2 different types:

    a. Bodily Injury (VTPL-BI): If you have an accident where someone gets hurt or dies, this tops up your cover over the ₱100,000 that’s covered in your basic compulsory plan. For example, if the claim is for ₱ 175,000, then ₱75,000 (above your compulsory plan’s ₱100,000 limit) will be covered under this extra third-party insurance. Different plans will have different limits that are covered so be sure to check with your provider.

    b. Property Damage (VTPD): This covers the expenses if you accidently hit another car or someone else’s property. It only includes the car and property of the third-party.

    Personal accidents: If you have an accident and you or your backseat driver (or any other passenger!) get seriously hurt or die, this cover will pay a percentage of how much your car is insured for. Not all injuries are covered though, so double check with your provider.

    Roadside assistance: This is your Plan B to get to where you’re going if your car kicks the bucket or gets stolen. Some providers will even tow your car under this benefit, but best to check with them to make sure it’s included.
  • 7.What is a deductible?
    A deductible is what you need to pay (e.g. PHP 2,000) before the insurance kicks in and the provider pays (e.g. from PHP 2,001 onwards). Some providers offer the option to increase your deductible to reduce your monthly charges (aka your premium).
  • 8.What is a “Third Party” in car insurance policies?
    Well, I hope you’re not disappointed but it doesn’t have anything to do with cake and balloons. A third party is someone, (who’s not in your car) who gets injured (or worse), due to an accident caused by your car.
  • 9.Why should I compare car insurance with GoBear?
    GoBear is a free and easy-to-use website that allows you to see a side-by-side comparison of details like car insurance coverage inclusions and exclusions, requirements, claims handling, and even promos. You can compare benefits and low downs of different insurance policies from all insurance companies in the Philippines. GoBear is not a broker or a seller, which means all amounts in Peso reflect actual costs from the company at the time of comparison (no commissions or extra charges). Compare online before applying to see how much you can actually save.
  • 10.What are the car insurance companies in the Philippines?
    There are lots of companies that provide car insurance in the Philippines, and some of them are a little shady. GoBear only works with companies licensed by the Insurance Commission – so you don’t have to worry when you’re comparing on GoBear.
  • 11.I bought 2 insurance plans, am I still covered?
    Yep, you’re still covered. But the insurers will share the claim – that means you won’t get double insurance payouts, you’ll only get what the original claim is worth. You seem like a smart cookie, so we’ll leave you to do the math on that one.
  • 12.I’m an awesome driver – I’ve never had an accident! Can I get a discount?
    In the Philippines insurers don’t take your driving history or where you live into account when figuring out your premium. So, there’s no discount… but the GoBear team is sending you bear hugs and high fives for making the roads safer.
  • 13.Can I cancel my car insurance any time and get a refund of my premium?
    Yep, you can. The insurance company will figure out how much you’ve used (as per the Short Period Rate Scale) but you’ll get back the remainder.
  • 14.Can I get insurance even if my car is already damaged?
    Yes, but the existing damages won’t be covered.
  • 15.When should I consider renewing my car insurance?
    Ideally 1-2 months before your car insurance expires. This will give you enough time to renew your vehicle registration and run through an emissions test if you need one. Insurance providers often introduce updates to their plans that might be up your alley, so you should think about comparing car insurance plans on GoBear before you renew!
  • 16.How does the insurer figure out how much to pay me?
    If your car’s a write-off, then the insurer will pay you an estimate of what your car’s worth (the fair market value or sum insured) as per your policy. For replacement parts, it’s a little trickier. They use a thing called a “depreciation schedule” – the older the car, the less the insurer will pay you for its parts to be replaced. For example, a one-year-old car’s axel would get a pay out of the cost of a new axel, minus a specific percentage for being one year old. For a ten-year-old car, that specific percentage might be 10 times higher.
  • 17.Why should I compare car insurance with GoBear?
    Well, it’s simple. We make it easy for you to compare what’s in (or out) of your plan, claims handling, and even promos. Best of all, we’re completely free for you to use. We just show you all the great deals, you compare them, and then you choose what’s right for you. Once you’ve made that choice, we hook you up with the insurance provider to seal the deal. We want to be absolutely clear – we’re on your side. All the plan pricing you see comes directly from the insurers. It’s exactly the same as what’s on their website or advertising campaigns. No mark-ups, commissions or extra charges. Just an easy way to compare before applying to see how much you can really save.
  • 18.What will I need to show the insurer when I apply?
    If your car is brand new (mmm, gotta love that new car smell!) you only need to show the sales invoice.

    If you’ve bought a second hand car you’ll need to show:
    1. Official receipt from LTO
    2. Certificate of registration from LTO
    3. Pictures of all sides of the car
    4. Your name and contact details (or your preferred contact person)

If you find these answers helpful? Check out our FAQs for other products to learn more.