Useful Money-Saving Tips for Back-to-School Supplies

Useful Money-Saving Tips for Back-to-School Supplies

Back-to-school hints a tremendous responsibility to parents. Whether your kid is just a kindergarten pupil or a senior high school student, shopping for school supplies and uniforms is a must as the month of June approaches. Mama Bear also used to panic in times like this so, she shares the following useful tips for parents to save money on back-to-school supplies. 



Make a checklist – Preparing a list of what your child needs for school will be useful. You will not only anticipate the possible spending, but it will also prevent you from purchasing unnecessary things. Impulse buying happens when parents go to a store without any shopping list and get easily swayed to spend for items “on sale”.


Home and Closet Sweeping – You might be amazed to realize that some items on your list are already available right within your homes. Some stuff bought last school year may have been left unused and stored inside drawers and cabinets. You can also search for old socks, uniforms or shoes that are still good enough to be used alternately with new ones. Collect all these kinds of stuff together then cross them out from your list. 


Recycle - Mama Bear says she used to ask Baby Bears to retrieve blank pages from their notebooks to be organized as one. Back-to-school does not always mean new things. Some old pieces of stuff can be redesigned to look like new. 

Consider the swap scheme – Your neighbor’s kid may have some books which your child can use. Old uniforms can be traded for other things with your co-parents within the neighborhood.

Set the limits – Make sure that your list does contain not only estimated price for each item but also the number of pieces required. This way, you can have an idea of how much to set aside from your budget.

Go unbranded – Not all latest and fashionable items are durable and useful. Sometimes, character-focused items are trendy yet cheaply made. Teach children to buy things that are valuable and durable. Let children realize that it is better to shop for quality than buying something because of design or price. 


Search for cheap stores – Divisoria and Tutuban are now crowded with parents who are so eager to buy notebooks, pens, and other school supplies at affordable prices. You can do the same or check out back-to-school sale in malls and other retail stores. 


Avoid the rush – Items will go on sale before and after the peak season. Do not buy when a lot of people are rushing to avoid higher prices and more crowded stores.

Back-to-school should be an exciting and rewarding experience for parents and children. Moreover, it should also be a time to teach children about budgeting and money management. There are more ways to save money and reduce costs. Check credit card offers with GoBear and find some promos, rebates, and deals to lessen your back-to-school spending.