The movie Crazy Rich Asian’s may have portrayed Singapore as a city of wealth, but this doesn’t hinder the country from welcoming millions of tourists from all walks of life each year. In 2018, Singapore was dubbed as one of the biggest cities for international tourism with 18.5 million arrivals. Singapore may have been considered the most expensive city in the world yet there are other great reasons to visit the country with your entire family, without actually spending a hefty budget.

Here are a few reasons why mommies and daddies should start saving for their family’s Singapore trip this 2019:

Get into non-stop action

Adrenaline seekers of all ages can enjoy a variety of exciting activities including a cable car tour that gives a view of different attractions like the Universal Studios Singapore, Mega Adventure-Singapore and the world’s largest wind tunnel for skydiving all wrapped within the Sentosa Island.

Mega Adventure offers the MegaZip – a zip line ride at 60kph that lets you 75 meters above Sentosa’s beaches and jungles. MegaClimb is the country’s premiere high-ropes course that enables you to get through 36v treetop obstacles at three breathtaking levels. Adults who want to experience freefall sensation could try out the MegaJump that allows them to get a fantastic view of the jungle, palms, sandy beaches, and the ocean. Finally, children can join in the fun with the MegaBounce – a dynamic bungee jumping experience through bouncing at 8 meters high from trampolines along the beach.



USS tickets are sold from Php1,500-Php2,800. Photo credits to Sally Carlos, Service Manager (QBE)

The Universal Studios in Singapore is something no family should miss as it is teeming with shows and attractions aside from 24 nerve-racking rides. Let your kids meet and greet characters from the Minions, Sesame Street, Autobots, and Shrek.



Joseph and Nicole Barrozo had fun meeting their favorite character!

Indulge in a utopia of food

Singapore takes pride as a melting pot of cuisines with Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and other international influences. Michelin-starred restaurants and local hawker delights highlight the city's diverse culinary background. When in Singapore, these are the dishes you should try out:

Oyster omelets – Oysters with an egg may sound a bit weird, but this blend is what locals and foreigners love to eat. While whipping the omelet, start is added into the batter to give the dish a thick consistency. The gastronomic pleasure comes from the bouncy texture of the oysters that blend with the crisp chilli-filled spice of the omelet.

• Bak Kut Teh – Known as the meat bone tea, this Singaporean signature dish is a comfort food that features the sumptuous blend of herbs like star anise and different varieties of pepper.

Chilli or Pepper crabs – Whether you pick the spicy tomato sauce or the black pepper sauce, the chilli crab dish is something to try out when in Singapore. Eaten with mantous or buns dipped in the sauce, chilli crabs are first boiled, so its delicate meat doesn’t stick into the shell.

• Curry fish head – Singapore’s curry fish head gives a harmonious fusion of Indian and Chinese spices. Featuring a half or a whole head of red snapper, this dish is concocted with Indian curry ingredients that are either served lighter and sweeter or with a tinge of sourness.

Ice Kacang – Singapore’s version of our halo-halo, the ice kacang is made with shaved ice on top of chendol, grass jelly, palm seed, red bean and agar-agar jelly. The multi-colored effect is due to the Sarsi and rose syrup. This is definitely a children’s delight that can be served with condensed milk and novelty toppings like chocolate syrup or durian.

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Visit the award-winning zoo

Singapore has a world-renowned zoo that is home to 300 species. The Singapore Zoo is composed of several zones, each featuring various animals like komodo dragons in the Reptile Garden and baboons in the Great Rift Valley. Kids can spend a lot of time in the Kidzworld area where they can enjoy at the water playground, explore the obstacle course and play with farm animals.


singapore zoo

The Singapore Zoo welcomes 1.7 million visitors each year including Team Carlos

You can also head over to the River Safari with 6,000 animals gracing the world’s most famous rivers. Try out one of the cruises available to find yourself being welcomed by giant pandas.

Explore the streets

The best way to enjoy Singapore is to wander around its busy alleys. Walking might sound a bit weird in a country of futuristic sights, but a little wandering would lead you to discover other heritages embedded in Singapore’s avenues. Begin uncovering the shops at Chinatown and check for some great souvenirs – antique wares, clothing, traditional remedies, and tea leaves. Take a picture with the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple and the Buddha Tooth Relic temple. A little further away brings you to Little India – a cultural enclave of Indian desserts, street-side parrot astrologers, standard brow threading and affordable yet intricate henna tattoos.

Uncover the lush greeneries and rich past

Singapore’s urban lifestyle is definitely surrounded by sanctuaries, parks, and museums. The Changi Museum features the country’s war history as depicted by artifacts and letters of prisoners during the war.

The National Museum of Singapore features exhibits, workshops, and outdoor movie screenings, too while the Esplanade lets you have a grasp of Outdoor Theatre that plays music and displays arts crafted by local artists.

Singapore’s unspoiled sanctuaries include the Gardens by the Bay, the Canning Park, and the Botanic Gardens. Pulau Ubin is another Singaporean Island that is home to diverse landscapes, ecosystems, and wildlife.


gardens by the bay

The Gardens by the Bay is home to hanging bridges, trampolines and kid-friendly attractions. Photo by April Capispisan

Relax at the airport

A few hours within Changi Airport is already a chance to experience a wild selection of dining and entertainment options. Singapore gets you mesmerized by the art installation of copper raindrops at the Terminal 1.


cta travel


Terminal 2 also has a lot of beautiful views to offer including the Sunflower Garde, Orchid Garden, Entertainment Deck, and the Enchanted Garden. Terminal 4 lets you enjoy the Slide along with a view of beautiful fishes at the Kai Pond and 1,000 butterflies at the Butterfly Garden.

All these and more make Singapore your 2019 family destination. It may be the world’s most expensive city but visiting with the entire family doesn’t need to be very expensive. With a little effort to save, you can secure affordable yet comprehensive travel insurance and modest accommodation. Your kids a once-in-a-lifetime experience is actually just four hours away!