As early as now, some people may have started planning for upcoming holiday vacations. With all the expenses piling up – transportation, accommodation, and meal plans – travel insurance wouldn’t top your checklist. This is true for many Filipinos who follow a strict budget, especially when the vacation is domestic and free from travel packages. Most travelers think that private travel insurance is an unnecessary expense, but we’re here to show you that it’s not the case.

Are you planning to travel by plane or ship?

Planes are the fastest mode of transportation to and from many airports in the country, and ships are the most convenient for travelling by sea. However, the same are also two of the most sensitive vehicles to unwanted weather conditions, considering the impending rainy season. Thus, going places via plane or ship requires being prepared to flight delay or even canceled trips. Whether or not this necessary evil is compensated for by the travel company is not a problem for insured travellers!

Most insurance packages cover delayed flights and trips after a certain number of hours. The cover includes reimbursement for unexpected hotel accommodations, meal expenses according to your insurer! This doesn’t pose much risk to those who travel by land or by their vehicles. However, if you plan on having your belongings shipped directly to your destination, you may need travel insurance for emergency purchases related to baggage delay.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to know that “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, and choose a travel destination based on the number of Instagram likes. It’s more important to learn about the place you want to visit, as well as the fun activities in the area, and the costs and risk associated with them. Let’s list them, shall we?



Do you want to escape the heat?

Where else can you stay away from the heat in the Metro? Ah yes, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. With the growing population in the city, holiday seasons and festivities, especially Panagbenga, are always crowded with locals and tourists alike. Most thieves consider these times to take advantage of people flocking the city. While it’s necessary to be extra vigilant of your properties when visiting crowded areas, it certainly helps to be assured that you can still go home if anything unfortunate happens. Some insurance companies offer reimbursement for essential belongings in case of unexpected loss.


domestic travel insurance

The gigantic Lion’s Head along Kennon Road welcomes tourists to Baguio City.


You can still relieve yourself from the summer heat without Baguio or Tagaytay’s centralized air-conditioning. With the Philippines’ archipelagic structure, it’s impossible not to find a place to swim. The wealthiest and most popular waters are usually in the Visayan regions. Think of Palawan’s El Nido where you can scuba dive to see corals and other fascinating sea creatures, and Iloilo’s Boracay with its white sand and clear waters. However, these waters are not friendly to novice swimmers during unpredictable weather and tide. There is always a risk when swimming despite the presence of lifeguards and vests, and it would suck to spend more money on possible hospital fees than you did on the entire vacation. Most travel insurances allot reimbursement for accidents and medical expenses acquired during the trip.


domestic travel insurance

Tourists have been swarming Boracay since it reopened in 2018.


Everyone knows the Philippines stands out amazing landscapes of mountains, valleys, and volcanos you can hike! Plan your next hiking trip to the Taal volcano’s crater or Mt. Pulag’s peak. Spend a night on top of Mt. Pulag, and wake up to a spectacular sunrise! In case of any accidents while hiking to and from your destination, know that your travel insurance will back you up on sudden misfortune.


domestic travel insurance

Mt. Pulag is a must in every hiker’s bucket list.

Food trip?

Filipinos love food, and no matter where you are in the country, you’ll be surrounded by native delicacies by our locals. If you know the latest trends, you would know that the Philippines was recently featured in Netflix’s Street Food. Cebu’s Street Food was hailed for exotic cuisine like Nilarang Bakasi (sour stew with reef eel) and Tuslob-buwa (mixture with pig’s brain and liver best consumed with rice). While these dishes seem too exotic for your taste, they precisely reflect the lifestyle of Cebuanos and are even heavily praised in the show. If you dare to try these dishes, observe how your food is prepared and served. You might unknowingly have a low tolerance or even food allergy to these exotics. If that’s ever the case, your travel insurance will shoulder medical expenses beyond your planned food purchase.


domestic travel insurance

Best pig ever! Photo compiled by Diana Fernandez

While the unfortunate events listed above rarely happen, sometimes, they still do. It may be as simple as a delayed flight to worse ones like lost luggage. What if it’s an urgent medical problem, for which you currently don’t have enough funds? Travel insurance is a small price to pay for your peace of mind

Now, you might be thinking that insurance is going to be expensive for you. Possible medical bills, hotel accommodation, purchase reimbursements? Don’t worry! There are countless options for travel insurance, all with competitive prices. For instance, you can avail Starr Companies’ domestic travel insurance for as low as P200.00 for a single trip. This covers unexpected expenses for the most common traveller grievances.

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