Mindanao is a land of promise. It is located in the southernmost part of the Philippines and it has a lot of places to visit that are very suitable for relaxation. All of them are definitely worth one's time and money, especially for all those who are thrill-seekers by heart! Though many people especially foreigners think that Mindanao is a place that should be avoided due to conflicts, we have to say that Mindanao is a peaceful province and the people are very friendly. Mindanao has a lot of natural wonders and it has many natural resources that are waiting to be uncovered. Many of the places are also not yet commercialized, plus you can visit these tourist spots without spending so much money. Mindanao is the best place to spend a cheap yet fun a week and get away. Here are the lists of the most popular tourist spots in Mindanao; brought to you by Go Bear!

  1. Tawi-Tawi
  2. Camiguin Island
  3. Mt. Apo
  4. Enchanted River
  5. Davao City


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According to historians, early traders used to call the islands “jaui-jaui” (far away). Tawi-Tawi is the Philippines’ southernmost province; it’s one of the places in the country that is farthest from the capital Metro Manila. Tawi-Tawi is famous for they called sacred mountain the ‘Bud Bungao’ locals make it a habit to climb the mountain believing that it can heal diseases. Also the ‘Chinese piers’ it is the place where Chinese traders used to exchange goods with the locals. 

Camiguin Island



Camiguin White Island is a sandbar of white powdery sands that is surrounded by clear turquoise water which is just one of the many sandbars in the entire 7,107 islands of the country. Also, Camiguin is famous for its diving sites if you want to see something different try diving to see their giant clams. The sunken cemetery is also located at Camiguin the sunken cemetery is the remains of that havoc which had once beset the island and almost swept it out of existence. It is represented by a huge cross of what have been old chapels.

Mt. Apo



Mount Apo is a much-known destination for mountain climbers and adventure seekers out there. There are many rivers, boulders, and forests along the way. It is considered as the most technical and interesting trail because of its narrow and different type of trails. Boulders of Mt. Apo is one of the famous features which would lead to a breath taking experience by ascending the crater of sulfur deposits and vents. Also, there are seven different peaks that can be seen at the summit of Mt. Apo and peak hopping is the best thing to do. 

Enchanted River



Hinatuan River or enchanted river an amazing hidden place for many it is located at Surigao del Sur 8 hours drive away if you are coming from Davao city. Enchanted River is the spot that draws so many tourists, local and foreign because of its natural spring, the color of glistening sapphire and emerald water. This majestic blue lagoon is safely nestled in a forest within a mountainside.

Davao City



Known to be the largest city in the Philippines Davao city. This is also the hometown of our newly elected President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. Well, Davao city has a lot of showcases when we talk about tourism. Davao is home of the Philippine Eagle and known as the Durian Capital in the Philippines since this is the city where you can find varieties of Durian. Samal Island is one of the most visited tourist spots in the spots in the City when it comes to relaxation and recreational activities. In fact, there are around 70 resorts and world-class accommodations that are being offered in Samal Island.

Other adventures:

Aside from the places mentioned above, you can also check out the list below about adventures that make Mindanao an awesome destination.

* Siargao is every surfer’s haven but it is also a paradise even to non-surfers who can enjoy enchanting lagoons, serene waterfalls, unique rock formations, and exotic wildlife. Non-surfers can go island-hopping from the Guyam Island to Daku Island and finally to the Naked Island.

* Maguindanao nurtures a Blue Lagoon at Barangay Margues, Datu Odin Sinsuat. The Blue Lagoon is a majestic sight composed of crystal aquamarine perfect for swimming and outdoor adventures.

* Lake Holon sits beautifully at the peak of Mt. Melibingoy. You can reach it through the Salacafe and Kule trails. Upon reaching the peak, Lake Holon is a destination to experience calm mornings, peaceful starry nights and refreshing greenery.

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