It was not so long ago when the Philippines made its bid for the world’s longest barbeque grill and it did not fail. Dagupan City etched its name in the Guinness Book of World Records by giving birth to an elaborate celebration – the Bangus Festival. Among all other festivals in the country, this one does not focus on culinary alone. A lot of events are entailed with this week-long celebration that promotes tradition and inspires Dagupeños to love their rich culture and lifestyle.

Series of Exciting Events 

Gilon Gilon Ed Dalan – Gilon is a local term for harvesting bangus or milkfish represented through colorful street dance competition participated in by students in different schools within the city. Basically a choreographed version of catching fish, the contest is intricately infused with costumes, movements, and props. The winner then represents the city to the upcoming Festivals of the North.  



Kalutan ed Dalan (Grilling on the Streets) – Thousands of milkfish are grilled in more than hundreds of grillers spanning to the whole DeVenecia highway. This year, around 25,000 to 30,000 milkfish were raised particularly for the Kalutan. 



Bangusine – This is a culinary competition that aims to feature international recipes using Bangus as the main ingredient. Examples of appetizing cuisines featured in this event are Egyptian Bangus pate, Italian Bangus croquettes, bangus sushi rolls and bangus ala king with fettuccini.  




The City government has announced that new and fun events will be incorporated in the festival this year. You might want to check out the search for Mestisang Bangus Gay Beauty Pageant, Zumbangus and Sayawan ed Tondaligan. 

When in Dagupan 


If you wish to be a part of any of those events that comes with the Bangus Festival, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:


  •        Dagupan City used to be six hours away from Metro Manila if you plan to come by bus. On the other hand, it will take you 3-4 hours’ drive especially with the use of TIPLEX highway.
  •        Unless you can stay for a week-long celebration, check for the dates of the event you want to be part of. Dagupan has decent and affordable hotels where you can stay.
  •        Parking is a consideration especially in the city proper. Like any other urban areas, traffic jam is something you should avoid.
  •        Prepare to explore nearby destinations like the Bonuan Tondaligan Beach, Hundred Islands, Manaoag Church and Cabongaoan Beach. Some tourists also get that chance to surf in the wild beaches of La Union.
  •        Bangus Festival is a chance for locals to welcome local celebrities and bands. Bring your latest cameras to record your moment with famous actors and actresses who grace the occasion.
  •        Most events are held on the streets so you better bring extra shirts and water to keep you fresh and hydrated. You might also just want to dress in your most comfortable clothes and footwear as you might take a few long walks when roads are closed for the street dancing competition.
  •        Try the night life with famous pigar-pigar and kaleskes dishes you can avail right within the vicinity of the public market.
  •        Be vigilant with tricycle drivers whose personalized imaginary meters charge extremely high fares especially if they sense that you are new to the city.

Bangus Festival is just one of the many complexes yet fun celebrations that give color to Filipino culture. Travel and explore with safety. Check travel insurance options and compare with GoBear before you unveil homegrown surprises in different parts of the country.

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