Did you know that there are different travel insurance types available in the Philippines? This leads us to an even more important question: what type of travel insurance should you get? There are four different types of travel insurance available for every Filipino: single travel insurance, annual travel insurance, solo travel insurance, and family travel insurance. Let’s look at each type one by one.

Single travel insurance

Single travel insurance is a type of travel insurance that is offered on a per-trip basis, regardless of whether you are traveling alone or with the whole barangay. This is more affordable than other travel insurance types.  For less than a hundred pesos, you can get trip cancellation insurance and other essential coverage for a single trip. Single travel insurance is common in the Philippines. All travel insurance companies listed in GoBear offer this type of insurance.

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Annual travel insurance

Among all travel insurance types, the annual travel insurance is ideal for businessmen or people who travel for a living. It provides year-long travel insurance regardless of how many times you travel (subject to restrictions) in the country or worldwide. Some annual travel insurance providers will cover you for 90, 180 or 360 days. There are different companies that offer multi-trip travel insurance. Liberty Insurance, Standard Insurance, Pacific Cross, BPI/MS, and Citibank Global are among those listed in GoBear. You can use our tool to compare multi-trip insurance providers according to coverage and price.

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Solo travel insurance

Solo travel insurance is for individuals who travel alone. While single travel insurance deals with one trip (good for up to 180 days), the solo travel insurance deals with one person traveling. It can be tailored to one trip or multiple trips per year. Among other types of travel insurance, this offers the most flexibility when it comes to benefits and coverage. Solo travel insurance is available in all insurance companies in the Philippines. You can read about the different travel plans for solo travelers here.

Family travel insurance

Family travel insurance is the least common among travel insurance types. As of the moment, only Pioneer Insurance offers this type among all insurance companies listed in GoBear. Family travel insurance covers all members of your family during travel. This can help you save money as only one plan is used for the whole family. For example, a four-day trip to a Schengen country will only cost you ₱2,538. For a comparison of this type of travel insurance, check out our travel insurance guide for the family.

Travel safe with travel insurance

Travel insurance is a wanderlust’s companion for a perfect adventure. With various travel insurance types available, you and your family can be protected in case your bag gets lost, your trip gets canceled or you or your child was rushed to the hospital during the trip. For a price that’s cheaper than your regular frap, you can protect yourself from every worst case scenario you can think of. What’s a few hundred pesos for peace of mind during travel, right?


With GoBear, you can find the best option among all travel insurance types so you can relax and enjoy your next adventure!

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