If you're like my pamangkin who really loves to travel and go exploring, you definitely must have travel insurance! Naku, tumataas talaga ang presyon ko whenever I see his photos on Facebook, where he's on top of a mountain or eating exotic food. D'yos ko, what if he gets sick from the street food in Bangkok, or gets injured while enjoying water sports in Boracay? Buti naman he listened to me.

I am going to Hong Kong soon and even though I just want to go shopping there, you never know what will happen diba? My baggage might get delayed or I might accidentally eat bad noodles or something! It's always better to be prepared. Here are some things you should know when you're getting travel insurance so that you, too, can stay safe while having the time of your life.

The premium changes depending on these factors

Insurance companies usually group their travel insurance plans according to how long you're traveling, where you're going, how old you are and how many of your kumares or family membersare joining the trip. For travel period, it's usually something like 4 days, 8 days, 15 days, and so on, and for destination, the premium can be the same for all Asian destinations, and then gets higher the farther your trip is. Pero di lang yan! They also charge more for policy add-ons and higher coverage limits, while plans with deductibles get cheaper the higher the deductibles are.

Know about the destination and the activities you plan to do

Do you expect to hike, go mountain climbing or do water sports during your trip? Then you should ask the insurance companies if they have something that covers accidents from sports and other hazardous physical activities, kasi di lahat meron nyan. That's not really my thing dahil sa rayuma ko, but I'm sooooo nervous about losing my baggage, so I always make sure my trip insurance covers that. Also, uso ngayon yung GoPro and other gadgets na di ko alam para saan, pero I see them all the time and they look expensive, so if you have those, you should get a plan that provides coverage for gadget loss or damage.

Compare travel insurance plans with GoBear

This is a lifesaver, mga hijo at hija. Trust GoBear Philippines to show you exactly the travel insurance plans you need for any trip. It's so easy: just enter details like how many you are in the travel group, where you're going and when your trip will be. Then, from the search results, choose the plans that catch your eye and compare!

Know what's not covered

Before signing the dotted line on your preferred plan, read the fine print carefully and think about which circumstances will not be covered. Importante rin yan! Madalas dyan they don't cover pre-existing conditions. For example, my hubby has diabetes, but if he runs out of insulin while we're in HK, our travel insurance won't give him money or reimburse him for that. Ano sya, sinuswerte? But when you do run into something that needs coverage, like if a snake bites you while on a hiking trail, ewan ko na lang if they won't insure that.

Be informed on how to claim your insurance coverage

Make sure you have your insurer's emergency numbers so you can call them immediately in case something unexpected happens. Keep all receipts and necessary documentation para may proof that this accident really happened. Minsan kasi kukulitin ka pa nyan kung totoo ba, parang yung mga chismosa kong kumare, or they won't give you the money immediately because they're making sure you're not just lying to them or something. If your flight gets cancelled or your tours get delayed, ask for written confirmation from your travel agency or airline carrier. Sometimes they will also make you fill out forms, so wag tulad ko na ulyanin — put in everything that's relevant and provide supporting documents (baka may footage pa sa GoPro mo diba) so they won't dismiss your claim.

Pick a plan that covers these three things

Kumbaga, the basics. There are some things you absolutely must have in your travel insurance plan, and most plans already do have them anyway. Personal accident and medical expenses while travelling should be your priority, because yan ang pinaka-mabigat sa bulsa! Napakasakit sa ulo ng hospital bills talaga especially when you're in another country. Travel-related inconveniences such as trip cancellations, flight delays or lost baggage, isa pa yan. You shouldn't go without this because these are the most common mishaps that happen during trips. Hospital admission, ambulance service and emergency medical evacuation must also be provided.

Learn travel insurance terms

Hay naku, these insurance companies really use so much jargon in their travel insurance plans and not everyone is familiar with them.It's like when I read my pamangkin's Facebook posts and it's full of terms like "lit," "fam," "bes," "charaught," "push mo yan" and mga di ko maintindihan na nauuso ngayon. But you really must learn what exactly the travel insurance terms mean and the inclusions they refer to, so you're sure you know what you're getting into. Baka mamaya umaasa ka na covered ka for a certain emergency, because a similar term is in your plan, tapos yun pala hindi.

Titas know what's best for you — be prepared for anything and get travel insurance! Compare travel insurance with GoBear Philippines to help you find the best deal with a comprehensive coverage.

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