Save your trip during the rainy season

It's Never Too Late to Protect Your Trip This Rainy Season

Although many choose to travel during the sunny days, there’s something about the rain that can bring out the romance in even the blandest of locales. This is why there are still who make travel plans despite the rainy days and unpredictable weather. Also, there are times that traveling is a necessity even if the weather isn’t so favorable. 
While travelers should always take extra care during the rainy days, the rain shouldn’t stop you from reveling in what the world has to offer. Below are a few tips on how you can protect yourself while traveling during the rainy season.

Choose weather-appropriate destinations and activities

Even if it’s raining, there are still some fun activities you can do. Rainy days don’t really mean you should stop enjoying yourself or exploring your surroundings. Beaches and waterfalls are still great sights even during the rainy days; in fact, they’re even more dramatic during light to moderate rains. If you’re going for a swim, though, be extra careful and bring a companion who can also swim, just to be sure.
Mountain biking or hiking is also an activity you can enjoy if the rain isn’t too heavy. It’s not ideal for first-timers, however, as the unfavorable weather can make trails more challenging.  The light showers, mud, and puddles will definitely put your skills to the test, so this is an excellent idea if you’re looking to up the ante.
Of course, there’s always the comfort of the indoors if even a little rain is a bit much for you. Be on the lookout for museums, novelty shops, and local art exhibits to get a different perspective of a locations culture and history. Mingle with the locals and listen to their stories; this might be the gateway to hidden gems you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Safety always comes first: cancel a trip if necessary

It can be hard to forgo travel plans, especially if it’s one that’s a long time coming. However, safety should always be your primary concern. Don’t force yourself to travel if there’s an impending typhoon or reports of bad weather from your chosen destination. Before pushing through, double-check if your flight hasn’t been canceled so you won’t have to brave EDSA traffic for naught. Stay away from flooded or flood-prone areas; if you get caught by a downpour on your way, get to a safe place as soon as possible. If your trip involves some sea travel, check with the coast guard first regarding clearance.
If you need to cancel your trip, take advantage of the downtime to plan the next one. Read up on travel blogs and check out the experiences and tips of those that have already been there, then pick up where you left off when the weather forecast and your disposition is sunnier.

Consider investing in travel insurance

Although buying travel insurance can sometimes be a gamble, it’s a greater risk to travel without one—especially if you're a first-time traveler or if you’re traveling to a destination for the first time. You don’t want to regret forgoing travel insurance, but you also shouldn’t pay for something that you don’t actually need. It’s best to check the coverage of travel insurance plans and choose one that fits your trip requirements. Look out for coverage of accidents, non-refundable expenses, and weather-related inconveniences. A comparison website is a more convenient option for checking available travel insurance plans because it’s much simpler and quicker than going to each insurance provider’s website to check the coverage and benefits.
At GoBear, it’s our goal to provide you the information you need so you can get the best travel insurance for your current trip. Compare travel insurance plans with GoBear today and take the first step to protecting your travel plans from the the rainy season!