It’s that time of the year again. Families and individuals alike are already searching for the perfect holiday getaway. And whoever says the perfect vacation can’t come at a discount has not scoured everywhere for the best and cheapest options. There are too many travel agencies that offer a variety of promos and packages for many audiences. Some of these may have made their way to your Facebook and Instagram timeline. Even without seeing everything, the choices can be overwhelming for any traveler out there. Good thing GoBear has rounded the best deals for you, just in time for the upcoming holiday season!

Staying local?

If you don’t have a passport yet and are not comfortable with going through the hassling process of getting one, and a visa for destinations requiring one, then local travel is your best option. You get to know our very own Philippines, as well as the rich cultures in such a diverse nation! We’ll go from the most popular options to new destinations that might pick your interest.


Puerto PrincesaEl NidoCoron? Go island-hopping with these travel package promos from Travelgram PH. Palawan offers many water adventures, including a tour in the world-famous underwater river, boating around the majestic Coron and El Nido landforms, and snorkeling in the islands’ crystal clear waters. See and experience Mother Nature for as low as PHP 4,400 for three days and two nights, excluding airfare.Abraquin Travel and Tours offer similar inclusion to Puerto Princesa, including roundtrip airfare to and from Manila for at least four people at the price of PHP 6,900!


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If you’ve got it, then flaunt it on Boracay’s white sand. Recently renovated, the beach has been booming with more visitors than ever before. In the Philippines, it’s not the time for the beach, especially for the price of PHP 6,990 from Abraquin Travel and Tours. The promo already includes roundtrip airfare to and from Manila!


If you’re not up for a hot beach day, then chill in the coldest place to experience that coldest season in the country. The summer capital has turned to an all-year vacation hotspot! Visit Baguio Country Club’s Christmas Village, La Trinidad’s strawberry farm, and Harrison road’s night market, among a variety of destinations! Do this for as cheap as PHP 1,799 for two days and one night with Holiday Escapade Travel & Tours.


Close to the previous destination, Sagada is the up and coming destination for soul searchers, low-key hikers, or both! For as low as PHP 2,499 with Opti Travel, you can go glamping, and wake up to a sea of clouds to sip Sagada’s infamous coffee for three days and two nights. This price is a steal considering you’ll be stopping by Northern Blossom, Banaue, and even Baguio!

Other destinations of interest include Ilocos, Baler, Albay, La Union, Bolinao and Alaminos’ Hundred Islands. All of which can be booked for land travel with different agencies. You can also go to Albay, Cebu, and Bohol via plane when seats go on sale. Some agencies would offer roundtrip airfare to be included in their quotation. If you find a cheaper flight option, then you can opt to be picked up from the airport for land travel until the end of the tour.


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Going glamping?

If you want to escape the city buzz, the way to celebrate your holidays will be camping with glam! Glamping with your friends reconnects you with nature without the Boy Scout need for heavy camping gear. Most glamping spots are beach areas with a smaller crowd than Boracay, but with as much nature, peace, and relaxation as you will ever need.

Up and coming glamping destinations include the Calaguas and Caramoan islands, as well as the Crystal Beach in Zambales, and the movie-known Siargao. Take your pick and pack your glamping gear for the lowest prices ever!

Overseas vacation?

So you have a passport, and have ample time to get the required visa, among other requirements? Treat yourself with a vacation abroad! Of course, it’s much more expensive from the international airfare to the foreign currency conversion upon purchases and transactions. Popular destinations among Filipinos are neighboring countries of Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan. You’ll be thrilled to know that these destinations can come at a relatively cheap cost, for international travel, at least

Abraquin Travel and Tours offers three days two nights tour to various international destinations, already including roundtrip airfare and accommodation. If you’re a group of at least four people, this is the steal deal for you! Their offers include the following countries, as well as the per-head price.

Take a picture with the famous Merlion in SINGAPORE for only PHP 15,050. Explore TAIWAN for as low as PHP 14,800. Live your Disney fantasies in HONG KONG with PHP 15,050. Visit famous Asian cities such as Bangkok, THAILAND (PHP 11,900), Bali, INDONESIA (PHP 14,300), and Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA (PHP 13,600) for the lowest prices all year round!

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Flight seat sales

If you’re more comfortable with having your vacation on your terms, and with your itinerary, then flight sales should allow you to cut costs on the most expensive part of travel (next to accommodation). This is an excellent plan for those who want to go out of Asia because there won’t be many tour packages in the market. The good thing about seat sales is that they are vouched for by legit airlines, such as the following from Cebu Pacific Air! Krabi, Thailand, for PHP 5,136? Berlin, Germany, for PHP 12,986? And Athens, Greece for PHP 13,321? Sign me up!! Fulfill your European travel goals with Cebu Pacific today.

Planning Tips

Smart travel planning is essential to make sure you get the most out of your money. Here are some more tips for doing just that.

Secure your home.

The holidays, as much as they’re a season of celebration, are also the season of petty theft and burglary. Lock all possible entrances and exits. Activate real-time cameras and alarms for additional security. If possible, have your neighbor keep watch regularly.

Review prices and inclusions, including the agencies’ credentials.

Local travel agencies offer most of the cited promos. Take these quotations and recommendations with a grain of salt. Transportation and accommodation are the most important things to check when looking out for an excellent package.

Travel as a group.

Tour packages usually require a minimum number of people (2 or 4) to accommodate. If you’re availing a tour package via land transportation, there would be a need to fill an entire van before the plan pushes through. The fewer people there are, the higher the per-head price will be. If you plan on being a joiner on these trips, make sure you are comfortable and secure with your travel buddies being strangers.

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Have travel insurance.

After all, is said and done, travel insurance is the last step to planning a great vacation. Whatever your itinerary is, it’s always better to be prepared for everything that comes down your way. GoBear can help you find insurance for your specific needs.

Bottom Line

Many factors come to play when planning a vacation, whether for yourself or your entire family. Travel and tour promos and packages are the best way to save yourself money and the effort to plan an itinerary where you can see the most in your destination. If you’re not up for a strict schedule to follow, especially if you’ll be a joiner, then grab your entire family and group of friends for a better promo offer! Enjoy the holidays!

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