Emergencies happen to anyone, and even celebrities like Kris Aquino aren’t spared from enduring unexpected events that threaten health or security. Kris Aquino recently posted how her son Bimby slipped while doing his swimming lessons. He was rushed to the ER, and fortunately, x-ray results showed no fracture. Kris, elaborated in her post how she appreciates having full medical insurance in the Philippines and abroad. Her family’s insurance provider covered all the ER expenses.

Kris Aquino is just one of the very few Filipinos who considers having insurance as a necessity and at the same time, a good investment. Although 91% of the Filipinos have PhilHealth coverage, a negligible portion of the country’s population is covered with maximized health insurance benefits offered by private insurers.


We had an emergency. Bimb was doing his swimming lessons. He was getting out of the pool, slipped & landed hard on his right elbow & pelvic area. This is when i’m thankful our home is near Medical City. In 20 minutes we were in the ER, the very efficient staff got our info, and they did his X Rays. I was scared because the first result showed apparent bone separation in his right elbow. Thank God their orthopedic team was thorough, they did a full X Ray of his left arm for comparison because they explained children still have bones that are growing & “fusing” together. Results showed no fracture just soft tissue contusions. The area now is swelling. We need to Immobilize his arm for 3 days & Elevate it above the heart to help lessen swelling. This is from a mom to other parents- Bimb still drinks 2 glasses of milk a day. Big glass w/ Milo in the morning, and fresh milk before sleeping in a smaller glass mug. His bones withstood the impact of his bad fall because of his daily calcium intake. Thank You God that although my bunso is in pain, it’s not a worse situation. Home now. Good night from a mom who is now feeling the post accident stress. #motherhood ♥️♥️♥️ (P.S. my sons & i have full medical insurance both for here & abroad. It is a worthwhile expense because Bimb’s health card took care of all his ER expenses & we only spent for his prescription medicine. Pls consider health insurance for your family, it’s a good investment. I’m now looking at getting health insurance for all those under my employ to supplement PhilHealth. #learnings)

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Insurance, in general, means security and protection of insured individuals. Insurance come in many forms including health, travel, education, maternity and personal liability. Being covered means having reduced expenses on hospital bills, assistance during emergency medical evacuation and even access to modernized facilities in partner hospitals and clinics.

If you have medical insurance, you will automatically save thousands of pesos in paying hospital room with an average cost of Php2,500 per night, emergency room visit at Php2,500 per night and doctor’s fee valued at least Php500 per day.

It is good to note that Bimby suffered from an emergency while in the country, much more is the relief to know that Kris had her kids covered even abroad.

The issue becomes more difficult in case you are out of the country and you experienced an emergency medical condition that requires hospital and doctor’s intervention.


Is travel insurance important?


A lot of people used to neglect the connection between travel and protection. Travel insurance cover expensive costs incurred during unexpected events like trip cancellation, luggage loss, accidents, and severe illness. Experienced travelers have their trip covered to make sure that they have an ally when it comes to mishaps that occur in their way.

GoBear Philippines aims to help millions of Filipinos understand the significance of travel coverages by allowing you to compare offers of different insurance companies to travelers here and abroad. GoBear’s statistics showed that more and more Pinoys are getting interested in learning more about this product. In 2016, around 4,000 travelers inquired from the company’s website, and such number rose to 11,500 last year.

Domestic travelers topped the number of travel insurance inquiries in 2017, followed by those traveling to Japan, United States, Australia and Singapore. Couples or those going in pairs are the most frequent insurance buyers, followed by families with two kids.

The growing number of Filipino travelers who are interested in getting travel insurance for their trip shows that Kris Aquino is not the only person in this country who wants security and protection in every journey. There’s definitely a growing number who have seen the value of this service when they travel.


Why is travel insurance a good investment?


Investing in insurance policies saves you from spending more to cover for medical tragedy expenses. You will also be saved from paying loss of travel documents since insurers usually pay for any damage or loss of passport, visa and other papers needed for the trip.

Moreover, you can also check for dismemberment travel insurance which covers your limbs and other parts of the body should you be engaging in physical activities during the trip. Dismemberment is often placed under personal accident cover. Depending on your policy, dismemberment coverage usually pay 100% of the expenses incurred during medical treatment.

That being said, the incident with celebrities like Kris Aquino proves that travel insurance is slowly becoming a necessity for traveling. A decade ago, it would have been a luxury, but in this day and age its imperative that travel insurance is a good investment and a travel essential as important as your camera or your luggage.

Diana Fernandez

Diana Fernandez

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